Five for Friday:: July 31

1. Le Pops

We found a new favorite way to beat the heat this week. Gourmet Popsicles! We’ve visited Le Pops twice this week and I see a lot more trips in our future! Avery is a huge fan and it has felt really good on her gums since I believe we’ve entered teething season. 😁

Of course we had to wear our ice cream Kickee Pants bib! 

Salted caramel is my favorite and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best Popsicle I’ve ever had. Kyle let Avery try his chocolate Popsicle and as you can see it was quite enjoyed. Their Popsicles are made fresh onsite with local organic products so it makes me feel a little better about feeding my 7 month old ice cream. 😊 

2. Moma Visit 

Monday morning Avery and I headed to Heber Springs to visit my mother. I thought I’d get up early before Avery and get ready so we could play for a while once she got up and then start the drive during nap time. Well Avery decided to sleep in until 9:00 (which has been happening more and more lately -so not complaining!!) so we got a later start. She napped most of the way there and home so it was a success in my book! It’s about an hour and 15 minute drive so I’m glad it wasn’t constant screaming! 

My mom has played piano by ear since she was a young kid and she has an old upright in her living room so she played a little for Avery who was of course completely intrigued. She couldn’t figure out where the big noise was coming from. She would bang on the keys then put her hands on top of my moms hands and wait for her to play. It was super sweet and made my moms day. 

3. Car Seat

My friend Kaitlin and her mother blessed us with a convertible car seat for Avery’s half birthday. She still has plenty of time to use her infant car seat but I knew she’d be happier if she could sit up a little more. We decided on the Chicco NextFit. I’m a huge fan of Chicco products and they always score so well on the safety ratings. I always worried about side impact safety and this car seat really does keep her safe from all directions. It has 9 reclining positions and will grow with Avery until she needs a booster seat. We also love that it’s purple!! I’ve tried buying a lot of baby products in gender neutral colors in case our next child is a boy but Avery will use this seat for so long that it will be exclusively hers so I didn’t have to worry about it being a sweet girly color! 

I ended up taking the shoulder covers off because I felt I could get a more snug fit on her and it allowed the snap closure to sit correctly at her armpits. She always hates when I tighten the straps because I always make sure they’re super snug. I need my baby safe…even if that means listening to her scream for a few minutes. I will say that she seems a bit more content in this seat than her infant carrier. I think she likes that she can see out the window a bit better and she’s a bit more in a sitting position than laying. We love it! 

4. Brotherly Love 

Landon has a few more weeks with us before going home and I think Avery is going to miss her back seat companion! Landon always sits in the middle and looks after Avery in her car seat. He’s always making sure she has her toys and paccy and making sure I’ve fastened her in correctly. 😉 

He will come and ask how she slept after her naps and is always willing to sit and play with her so I can get a few chores done around the house. Avery loves this as long as he’s playing quietly. Once he starts banging around on her toys or if he gets in her face too much she starts crying lol they’re both a mess. It’s been nice having his help with her, especially since she’s become such a wiggeler!! 


5. Halloween (?)

Am I the only one who is already scouting Halloween costumes!? I can’t wait to celebrate Avery’s first Halloween and to see her in a cute costume!! These are some that I think are so adorable! 

It’s a hard decision!! 
Happy Friday everyone! I hope your weekend is wonderful!! 


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