Family Time 

Last week we headed up to NWA to spend a few days with my SIL and her family. I seriously love NWA so much and am always a little sad when we come back to Little Rock. I feel like there is so much to do there and the restaurants and shopping options are so much more than what LR has to offer. It’s just such a clean family friendly area and I love spending time there. Kyle had meetings most of our visit so Avery, Landon and I got to spend a lot of time with my SIL, BIL and my sweet nephew Campbell. I so look forward to the memories Avery and Campbell will make as they get older. I love that they’re so close in age and it’s fun to plan outfits and activities to do with both babies. On Thursday we went to the Amazeum with the littles and Landon. It was such a blast! And to top it off Avery crawled for the first time there!!! That’s right folks, we have a crawler on our hands! I’m so glad I could catch it on video! 

We had such a fun afternoon and there were things for kiddos of all ages. We will definitely be visiting again. 

We also visited Dilly Dallys a few times and I bought Avery her first dolly. To say she is in love is an understatement.   Every time she sees it she gets a huge smile on her face! 

My BIL took some super sweet photos of the kids before we headed home on Friday. It’s beyond difficult to get two babies to actually look at the camera let alone smile… but the pictures turned out so sweet regardless. 


These were two of my favorites! The first one of Campbell and Avery cracks me up!! 

We had a great visit and Avery and I are planning to go back soon. Since Kyle travels so much in the Fall it will be fun to go visit while he’s gone and let the littles play! 

We made it back to LR and had a jammed full weekend. I’m so glad Avery decided to sleep until 9:30 this morning because I needed to catch up on some sleep! 

She’s such a sweetie! ❤️



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