As I mentioned in my last post Avery is officially a crawler! She really crawled for the first time last Thursday while at the Amazeum and she hasn’t stopped yet! I swear I turn my back for one minute and she’s on the other side of the room!! She’s all over the place now which of course causes all new kinds of problems. I’m suddenly aware of every sharp corner, every breakable item, and every power cord around! Ahh, stressful!

While we were in NWA it was so nice because my SIL has a designated playroom in their house. It was so helpful to have a safe baby proofed room to let Avery crawl around. It was closed off from the rest of the house, had tons of toys, as well as a comfy couch and TV for momma! It made me wish we had one at our house! While I love our house we are quickly running out of space and this is just one example. We have a great open floor plan but it makes sectioning off a baby proof area difficult. I don’t want to have to baby proof every inch of my house so having an area just for baby would be so nice. 

So since moving tomorrow isn’t an option (though we do plan to do so within the next year) I decided to rearrange Avery’s room on Sunday to free up some play space. 

I took a shelf we already had and turned it on its side so Avery could reach all her toys. I want her to be able to reach and choose what she wants to play with. I also bought a new toy basket because I’m convinced half of her fun comes from just pulling out the toys! She loves having her lamb play mat out all the time. She randomly crawls over to it and sprawls out on it while nuzzling her face into the soft fabric. It’s so cute!! 

I also cleared out the bottom of her closet so I can store her large toys in it and it gives her a little area to explore. I have her books in there and plan to get some cute colorful pillows for the floor to make it extra cozy. Avery loves pillows and soft things so I think she’d love having a cozy place full of pillows, stuffed animals and blankets. It will be a comfy place for us to read her books too! 

Oh and because we don’t have a TV in her room I hooked up my computer/Netflix so I can continue to indulge in my Gossip Girl binge watching. 

I moved her rocker to the corner and moved her crib down to keep the outlets and cords covered and to offer the most floor space. While I hate that her monogram isn’t centered anymore I just have to let it go for now. 

I’ve been spending my time watching Avery play, curled up in my big rocker with my (I mean Avery’s) Aden + Anais Dreamblanket and semi watching my Gossip Girl. It’s definitely solved our problems for now and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it sooner! I love that Abby comes and cuddles up with us and it keeps the baby mess out of my living room! 

There are a few more things I want to do/change like adding a small little table by my chair for my drink/phone but overall I think it will work for now! 

Avery seems to approve!! 


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