Holiday Dreaming 

It’s hard to believe that summer is over and Fall is quickly approaching. I seriously cannot wait for this holiday season with Avery. I know the holidays will only get more fun as she grows older but since this will be her first holiday season it will be extra special! I’ve been dreaming of Halloween costumes, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving dinner, and planning her first birthday party!! Having Avery’s birthday on Christmas Eve may not be her favorite as a small child but I kind of love it. I look forward to finding ways to make it extra special for her each year. I’ve already began making a list of items I’d like to get her for her birthday and for Christmas. 

I’ve ordered/received this gift already and I know it will be a keepsake for her! 

 I ordered it from and loved that I could customize the colors. I chose pretty pastels and a block with sweet butterflies on it. I know it’ll be something we will save forever.   

 A few weeks ago Avery found a baby doll in the nursery at church and she played with it the whole time! We dont have a baby doll at home so I think it’ll be a sweet Christmas gift this year. The Corolle dolls are so darling and I know she will love it! 

 Last week we went to a friends house whose daughters had one of these Ybikes and Avery thought it was so fun! I love that it also serves as a walker. It’s small enough to be used in the house and works well on carpet. 
 I really want to get Avery these Mocs for next Spring. I think the colors are so fun and would go with lots of outfits.  I also think these Mocs would be so cute for her first birthday! Plus the gold goes with everything! 

I also plan to get her some sensory balls since balls are one of her favorite toys. 
It’s hard not to just go way overboard since it’s her first birthday and it’s Christmas. Even though it’s her second Christmas it seems like her first. She was only a day old last year and slept through the festivities. This year will be much more exciting! Oh I just can’t wait!! 


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