First Day Jitters 

I awoke to find my newsfeed filled with sweet pictures of students as they started the new school year. This is the first year of my school aged life that I won’t be in a classroom of some sorts. I went from grade school to six years of college classrooms to three years of teaching in my own classroom. I made the decision at the end of my maternity leave to resign from my second grade teaching position. I wrestled with the decision for weeks and honestly had all intentions of returning but the moment Avery was born and I looked into her eyes I knew I couldn’t do it. The thought of handing my 3 month old baby into the care of someone else was more than my heart could handle. Kyle and I had worked and planned so that I could have the option of staying home with Avery if I decided to. So for the first time in 3 years I didn’t sit down with a group of sweet second graders to read First Day Jitters today but I did make sure Avery and I had a fun filled day! 

We started by having lunch with daddy at one of our favorite places! 

 I made Avery her first smoothie filled with her favorite yogurt (yo baby), strawberries, bananas, and sweet potatoes. She LOVED it. She ate a cup and a half! We will definitely put this into our rotation! 

We also got lots of new books in the mail and I can’t wait to read them to her! I also bought some for her birthday and her Halloween basket. (I’m planning ahead!)

We finished off the day with Avery showing me a new trick! 

I looked up and she was STANDING! How is she growing so fast!? I also swear I heard her say ‘Momma’ several times today as did Kyle. I know she may be too young to associate what that word means but I’ll take it!!

I wouldn’t want to be spending my days with anyone else. I stop and thank God several times a day that I’m able to make these memories with Avery. I’ll never be able to relive these days with her and I’m so thankful I’m able to enjoy them with her at home. 



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