Five for Friday::August 21

It seems like the weeks I have the most to write about I just don’t have the time and the weeks I have time to write a Friday post I don’t have anything to write about! We’ve had a much needed lazy week! 

1. End of Summer

Landon went home Saturday and life has gotten back to a normal pace around here. We will miss having him here of course but having a baby made it harder to throw schedule to the wind this summer. Avery and I didn’t leave the house for two days this week! We just played and played and watched Netflix! 

2. Pulling Up

Avery decided to pull herself up for the first time on Tuesday! I literally looked up from my phone and she was standing! Gosh she’s just growing too fast!! 

3. Abby 

Unfortunately our sweet Abby has had a really hard week, which is a big reason why we’ve stayed home a lot this week. I know we are at the end of her battle with cancer but gosh the reality of that is excruciating. She’s the one who keeps me company all day, the one who makes me feel safe at night, my shadow all day long… I’m not sure how my heart will handle losing her. 

Something in her throat has changed this week and it’s causing her throat to swell more than usual. Ugh. I’ve been in tears about it all day. She’s just the best dog. You couldn’t ask for a better dog. It makes me so incredibly sad that Avery won’t grow up with her. I can’t even write about it without blubbering so I just need to stop. 


4. Sophia 

Avery has really grown to love Sophia the First the past few weeks. It’s hit or miss in regards to whether she actually watches it but she always smiles and gets SO excited when the theme song comes on!! 

It’s about the cutest thing ever!! She hasn’t figured out how to clap yet so she pats her chest instead! It’s so sweet! 

5. Cousin Time 

Kyle’s mom is watching Campbell for a few days so I know Avery and I will be visiting and playing a bunch! He’s such a sweetie and is 100% boy! It’s so fun to see how opposite him and Avery are. Avery is typically so quiet. Tonight she literally didn’t make a peep. She’s dainty and soft and just quietly plays with her toys. Campbell is such a boy though! He likes to squeak and squeal and plays with Avery a little rougher than what she’s used to. It’s so sweet to see them starting to engage with each other. I’m certain they already love each 😊 

Campbell kept sitting on Avery and we think he was wanting her to hold him. He also kept motioning to her like he wanted to hold her. Sweet boy! 💙 I’m looking forward to getting to see him a lot the next few days! 


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