Avery Claire::Eight Months 



I’m guessing around 16/17 pounds


I’m guessing around 28/29 inches 


We had a regression of sleep for a few weeks but we’re back to sleeping through the night again. I feed her right before I go to bed and she sleeps until 7/8 am. I realized I was waking every time I heard her make a noise and would feed her. I created a horrible habit. So I decided one night that we were going to go cold turkey on the swaddle and she was going to sleep through the night!! After 8 months I deserved to sleep through the night and I knew she was capable of handling it! It took a few nights of turning the sound off the monitor when she woke (which was always around 2am) but she’s sleeping through the night again and I’m getting rest! Hallelujah! 
We also dropped the swaddle and moved to a sleep sack. She became a wild stomach sleeper so I knew we HAD to ditch that swaddle. I took the bumpers out for a few nights and only kept in her pillows until she got used to it. After a few nights I put the bumpers back in (I just hate the way a crib looks without bumpers!) and she’s been fine! Sometimes (mainly naps) she will pull at them and mess with the tie strings but she always falls asleep eventually so whatever. Sometimes she likes to cuddle them and I think it’s so funny! 

She still takes three hour to 1.5 hour naps a day. 

We had to lower the crib this month as well. Avery had learned to sit up and was attempting to pull up on the rails. Yikes! 


We’re going strong on solids and life is just easier! It’s so nice to be able to take food to a restaurant or feed her off my own plate. It makes for a better dining experience for sure!
We eat three meals a day to help fill her tummy to help sleep all night! We typically eat after the second and third nap of the day and before bath/bed. Meals are typically a few puff snacks (to help with fine motor skills), steamed food such as sweet potatoes, pears, peas and fruit such as blueberries, bananas, or strawberries. We have also started smoothies which she is OBSESSED with. She will drink a whole sippy cup full without stoping and throws a fit when you take it from her! It’s nice that I can blend up veggies that she doesn’t like plus add in yogurt so she gets some protein and throw it in the cup. Avery likes that she can hold the cup herself and thinks they’re delicious! Her favorite thing right now is yogurt. She LOVES it. We use the Yobaby yogurt and that’s also what I use in her smoothies. 
She likes chicken nuggets so I bought some organic ones and will add that into rotation as well. 
We have mastered straw drinking. I decided I was over the baby sippy cups and she couldn’t hold them very well and drink from it on her own. I ordered several kinds from Amazon and loved all three brands! We use the Munchkin weighted straw cups for water and Playtex training cups and the Nuby flip and sip for our smoothies since they have bigger straws. I even bought cups meant for 12+ months and she’s a pro at those too. She can also drink out of straws in our cups at restaurants which is kind of convenient at times! 


6 month clothing. We still have a few 3-6 month outfits that fit and a few 6 month outfits that are too big so we’re still in the middle somewhere! For Fall we have been buying 6-9 month sizes. She has some super cute clothing for Fall and I can’t wait for the weather to cool down so we can wear them all!! 


Size 2 and 3 

* We have learned she’s allergic to the regular Huggies diapers. They give her a horrible rash so we’re sticking with Pampers. 






Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Board books

Musical toys 

Standing up on her feet



Pulling all her toys out of the toy basket 


Sophia the First


Soft stuffed animals/blankets 

Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Being left alone 


Not seeing her momma! 

Getting changed – we have to use the straps to hold her down now! 

Loud voices – men 

Carrots – she cries sometimes! Ha!! 

Car seat depending on the day! 


This has been a HUGE month for growth! She has cut two bottom teeth, crawled, pulled herself up for the first time, began shaking her booty to music, and began sleeping without a swaddle. Whew!! My little lady bug is growing up so fast!! We also think she has said momma a few times and though she may not really realize she’s saying it I’m claiming it as her first word!! 😊

Month Eight:

What a fun month! This has been an exciting and at times challenging month. Teething wasn’t as horrible as I’d thought it would be and crawling has been so fun! I dreaded teething but I didn’t even know she was doing it until the tooth cut through! With both teeth she’d have a few fussy afternoons, I can’t even really say ‘days’ because it’s not even the whole day just typically the afternoon and evenings. I only had to give some Tylenol once and we were able to make it the other days using teethers and sucking on ice cubes! 
Crawling has been so fun! I just love it! It took her about 3-4 days and she was a pro. She’s all over the place! I will say that she listens pretty well to ‘No’ and she hasn’t really gotten into anything she shouldn’t. She just likes to explore so I try to give her free range (with supervision of course.)
Avery is still just the sweetest baby. She’s so quiet and gentle (most of the time) and is typically content to just play with her toys by herself. I think she just likes being in control of what she’s doing. I rearranged her room to also be a safe play area with all of her toys and we hang out in there all day. She has free range of the space and her toys and she’s content playing all day!! I can already tell she’s going to be stubborn and pretty self sufficient. She comes by those traits honestly.😉



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