A Day in the Life @ 8 Months

Several months ago I posted what a typical day looks like for Avery and I. I had good intentions of posting more of these throughout her first year but you know how that goes. I started this blog to keep track of Avery’s life more so than mine and I’ve been impressed at how much I’ve kept up with! So at 8 months old this is what our day generally entails: 

8:00 – 9:30:  Wake up/nurse/play 

  • I love walking into Avery’s room right after she wakes up. She’s usually sitting up in her sleep sack with her Wubbanub hanging out of her mouth. She gets so excited and starts smiling and squeeling. It’s my favorite thing!! 
  • We typically just hang out in her room until it’s time for her first nap. She loves to empty out her toy bins and this usually takes the majority of the morning. She pulls out all her favorites.    

9:30-11:00: Nap 

  • Avery naps and I get ready for the day and pick up the house… But let’s be honest there are days when I go crawl back in bed and nap myself. 

11:00-1:00: Lunch/play/Errands

  • I’ll typically nurse Avery when she wakes up then we will get dressed for the day and pick up our room a little. 
  • Sometimes we will get out and run errands or just go on a walk if the weather is nice! 
  • After we come home I feed Avery her lunch which is typically a smoothie. 


1:00-2:30: Nap

  • I’ll use this time to finish cleaning or catch up on Netflix! 

2:30-4:30: Snack/Errands/Play

  • I’ll nurse Avery when she wakes up. 
  • Since this is the time of day that Avery is usually awake the longest I’ll use this time for longer errands such as grocery shopping. 
  • When we get home we will have a snack of puffs and some fruit or veggies. 
  • We will spend the rest of the time playing in her room. 



4:30-5:30: Nap 

  • Sometimes we nap during this time or if we’re out busy or visiting dad at the office she may skip it and catch a cat nap in the car. I know she will be dropping this nap soon but I’m hanging on as long as possible!! 

5:30-7:30/8:00: Dinner/bath/bedtime 

  • I’ll nurse Avery when she wakes up and we will play for a little while. After we’re done playing I’ll cook her some dinner and we will watch some Sophia the First. 
  • After eating we pick up our room and take a bath. We usually bathe every other night. 
  • After our bath we will read a few books or spend time with daddy after he gets home from work. During this time I’ll usually start dinner. 
  • At 7:30(ish) I’ll nurse Avery and put her down for the night so Kyle and I can eat dinner in peace! We rarely eat dinner with Avery up. It’s just too hectic. I’d rather eat a later dinner and be able to have a conversation with my husband. This works for now since Avery doesn’t really eat what we do for dinner. I’m not sure how we will work things out once she begins eating more finger foods. 

7:30: My workday ends and I usually run some errands that I don’t want to take Avery with me on or sometimes wander around Target enjoying no time restrictions! But most nights I’m curled up on the couch watching TV with Kyle. 

I still nurse Avery before I go to bed most nights and then I know she will sleep all night. 

So that’s an average day with us right now. Each day is different and I’m thankful that Avery is pretty flexible with her schedule and for the most part is just along for the ride! She is my little sidekick and there isn’t much that I don’t feel I can take her with me to do which is nice. I’m so grateful my days revolve around her!! 


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