For Abby 

I have a few posts saved in my drafts and I just don’t think I can post anything until I post about our sweet Abby. We lost our sweet girl two weeks ago and my heart has been in pieces ever since.

There are some dogs that are more human than dog and some dogs that are more dog than human. Abby was more human than dog. She loved beyond what I feel most dogs love. She was rescued from a shelter and I feel like she knew that and was enormously grateful. Abby was beyond an amazing dog. She was a member of our family. With Kyle traveling so often, Abby was my companion. She was never far from my side whether it was a 2am nursing session, getting ready in the bathroom, working in the garage, cooking dinner, etc. she always wanted to be where I was. There was something in Abby’s soul that radiated loyalty and love. You could see it in her eyes and everyone who met her bragged about how gentle and sweet she was. She was the best. 

Abby was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma in January, just a few weeks after Avery was born. I will never forget Kyle walking through the door and bursting into tears when we got the diagnosis. It was gut wrenching to hear that our precious girl had such an advanced terminal cancer. Lymphoma is a very aggressive form of cancer and progresses quickly. Abby was 3 when she was diagnosed and it’s rare a dog of her age is diagnosed with this type of cancer. 

We were given a grim prognosis and decided to try chemotherapy since Abby was so young. When we realized that she wasn’t responding to her chemotherapy we were heartbroken again. We began preparing for her condition to quickly worsen. But as always our girl pulled through and made it several months longer than anyone had expected. 

Despite how she may have felt up until the last few weeks you’d never have know she was sick. She was always wagging her tail, ready to beg for a treat, and always up for some good cuddles. Even in her last days when I could tell she didn’t feel well she never once growled at Avery crawling all over her. She was always so gentle. 

I’m so thankful that if this horrible cancer had to happen that it was during a time I was able to stay home. I feel like I got to spend so much time with her these last 8 months and I’m so grateful for that. She was never home alone for long and I was able to keep a constant eye on her. She spent her days at my side giving me constant company. 

Our house has seemed so empty without her. I can’t bring myself to move her things or to clean her nose smudges off the front window. The thought of never hearing the sound of her jumping off the bed again or never seeing her poke her head under the blinds in the front window is almost too much to bear. There is just an empty void in our hearts and our home. 

There will never be another dog like Abby. She held a special place in our lives and though I know she’s no longer in pain it’s still one of the most difficult things I’ve gone through….am going through. I’m so thankful her short life was spent loving us and that we were able to spoil her and make sure she had the best life possible! 



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