We have had quite the full weekend in the Luttrell household! Despite the Razorback loss and the almost Auburn loss the weekend was still full of fun around here.


Friday morning Avery and I met our friends at a local church that offers a free music and movement class. Avery had such a fun time (as she is obsessed with music these days) and she took a two hour nap when we got home which was SO nice for momma. 

After having a week of colds, teething, and 30 minute naps it was so good to see her playing and feeling well!

Friday night Kyle and I got a sitter for Avery so that I could join him at dinner with the licensing director of Arkansas and his wife. We took them to Big Orange in Midtown and had such a great time. Afterwards we took them to the office and showed them around. 


Saturday Kyle let me sleep in a little and Avery and him watched College Gameday and got ready for a day of football.

After dad left to go to the game Avery and I played outside for a while. It was such a beautiful day out! Kyle and I have been working on cleaning up our backyard so that we can spend more time back there. It’s starting to look so much better!! 

We’re planning to buy some new patio furniture so once we get that done I’ll post some more pictures. 

Avery and I did some shopping in the afternoon and got home just in time to see that sad ending of the razorback game. Terrible! 

Avery decided to try eating grass after many attempts from momma that it wouldn’t taste good. Lesson learned. Grass = yucky. 

Kyle was able to get a back stage pass to the Brad Paisley concert and got to meet him as well. He was in heaven!! Brad Paisley is Kyle’s favorite musician so he was just beside himself that he got to meet him! So fun! 


We took it pretty easy today and Kyle let me sleep in again! Woo! Such a treat! We spent our afternoon outside enjoying the beautiful weather. A friend of ours son had a football game so we went and cheered him on. Several of my former students and their families were there so it was fun for them to meet Avery and catch up. 

Tonight I decided to make some spinach muffins for Avery to try this week and I’m hoping she likes them! I thought they turned out pretty good so I hope she likes them too. They’d make a good snack for her long MDO days and for the trips we have planned this Fall! 
I hope everyone’s weekend was full of fun and football! 


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