Whew!! That’s what I have to say about this weekend! It was full of travel, football, and fun memories.


Our weekend technically started on Thursday afternoon. Kyle and I packed the car with half of our house, as this is what you do when you travel with an infant, and headed to Missouri. We had originally planned to drive half of the way on Thursday but Avery was doing so well that we just decided to drive all the way. We made it to our hotel around 10pm and quickly called it a night! 

 Whenever Avery got a little fussy she just needed mammas hand and everything was fine! She would sweetly pat it and go back to watching the iPad. (Heart exploding)


Avery decided to bless us with a two hour nap after waking up at 7:tooearlytocare a.m. and I took the best nap I’ve had in FOREVER. I felt like a new woman after that nap!!  

We grabbed lunch and headed to meet the licensing director for a campus tour. The MIZZOU campus is so beautiful! The weather was perfect and Avery was such a trooper. She just quietly rode around in her stroller for a couple hours. Avery is a great travel companion! 

I hate that I didn’t take more pictures but it was family weekend on campus so things were a little hectic and crowded! 

The LD gave Avery a stuffed Truman (their mascot) and she has loved on him all weekend. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon checking in with some retailers and having dinner with Sonja (the LD) and her family at a local pizza place. 

After touring the stadium store we stood outside waiting on the rain storm to pass. Avery was SO tired (she missed her afternoon nap) and I was talking while rocking her in my carrier. After a few minutes I looked down to see she had dozed off. I’m so glad I had Kyle take a quick picture because it’s one of my new favorites. Those sweet moments are so fast and fleeting. She will be too big before I know it and sweet moments like that are getting fewer and far between. 


We headed to the MIZZOU stadium around 9:45 and thankfully had AMAZING parking. Like closer than I get at Target. I was thankful to not have to lug Avery and all our stuff very far!! 


I took this picture from the suite area behind where we sat and I can see our JEEP! 

We had a great time watching the game and Avery enjoyed all the people and cheers. The sweet ladies behind us kept cooing over how sweet Avery was being and how beautiful she was (obviously😊) and even came down to our suite to ask to hold her. 

After the game we drove to Jefferson City and visited the capital building.    

 Afterwards we had dinner and headed back to the room to watch a few more football games and let Avery go to bed. 
Speaking of our hotel we stayed downtown in Jefferson City and the restaurant on the top floor had such an awesome view! The hotel was round and the outer walls were all windows. We enjoyed our breakfast there each morning. 

These are a few pictures of the view:   



We set aside the whole day for traveling back home. We wanted to take our time and stop at a few things and allow time for breaks if Avery needed them. We headed out around 10:15 and made it home about 6:00. Avery did so awesome on both trips. As long as she had her iPad and toys she was good! She took two naps and didn’t get too fussy until the last 20 minutes or so when she got hungry. We stopped for lunch in Branson and took Avery to the fish hatchery to kill some time so she’d nap while driving. She thought it was so fun! She always enjoys the fish tanks at our pediatricians office so we thought she’d enjoy it. We bought some fish food and she would giggle as the fish splashed and fought for the food. The weather was so amazing so I’m glad we got outside for a while! There was one natural pond with brown trout and the fish were literally jumping out of the water. I stood and watched them for probably 15 minutes. It blew my mind! I had no idea fish could do that (even though my dad was a fishing guide for years and I grew up at the lake.) 


It was a busy but fun weekend and mini getaway. It’s always fun to get away from home and change up the scenery. I’m thankful Avery and I are able to join Kyle on some of his trips. It helps keep me from going a little insane at home all the time and Kyle enjoys the extra time with us all together.   


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