Avery Claire::Month Nine 


Weight: We went to the doctor for a checkup on her ear a week ago and she weighed just shy of 17 pounds

I’m guessing around 30inches 


We have been on a really great schedule lately. It took Avery a few days to go from three naps to two…a few fussy days I might add! She has also been sleeping well at night and rarely wakes through the night anymore! She goes to bed around 7 and wakes up around 8am. She also takes two 2 hour naps. One from 10-12 and one from 2:30-4:30. 

We are also swaddle/sleep sack free! She sleeps without anything but pretty much burrows herself into her bumpers! She loves those things and has always been a nuzzler-even from birth!

Avery eats three meals of solids a day! She eats before both naps and once before bed. She loves yogurt, puffs, crunchies, bread, and basically anything she can feed herself. She pretty much eats whatever we give her! She has even ate carrots which were her LEAST favorite thing a few months ago.
We’ve dropped an afternoon nursing session so she nurses about 4-5 times a day. I’m still terrible about waking her to nurse instead of pumping through the night at times. I’ve probably created more of a habit of night waking because of it but whatever, it works for us!


Avery has almost outgrown her 6 month summer outfits but we’re making them last until Fall. She has such a cute Fall/winter wardrobe thanks to her Gamma and Aunt Kaitlin/Bubbles that I can’t wait to dress her in them!! She will be wearing 6-9 and 9-12 month clothing for the next season.

Size 3 Pampers 




Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Musical toys 

Standing up on her feet and pulling up 




Sophia the First/Mickey 


Soft stuffed animals/blankets 


Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Being left alone 


Not seeing her momma! 

Getting changed – we have to use the straps to hold her down now! 

Loud voices – men  

Car seat depending on the day! 

Being woke up (I understand that one!!)

She said Momma!! Like legit momma as she’s looking at me. I opened up the door to the car and she said, ‘Momma!’ And preceded to say it for the next week or so. No I have to pry it out of her but I’m claiming it as her first word!! 
She is pulling up on everything and starting to get balanced enough to stand for just a few seconds. She’s starting to practice taking steps when we’re helping her or with her walking toys. 
She has learned to clap within the last few days and is starting to use her voice to make sounds more and more. 
Month Nine:

What a fun month this has been!! She is in such a fun stage right now!! She has become very lovey and attached to her momma and I love it! She loves to crawl over to me and just crawl in my lap or lay her head on me and it melts my heart!! She loves her daddy so much and gets so excited when she sees him. He can get her to laugh like no one else! She is just the sweetest happiest baby! She’s always so content to just be with us in whatever were doing. I LOVE that she plays by herself and that’s she’s so meek and quiet. She is definitely an observer and takes in everything around her. She is a music lover for sure! Every time she hears a song she starts moving and smiling! I hope she always keeps that love! 

Now that we’ve gotten her nap transition figured out our days run much smoother which makes for a happier momma and baby! Her smile just melts my heart and I love her laugh so much! Life with her is just so fun and (mostly) easy. I can’t imagine our family without her! We are so in love with our baby girl!! 
And because I’m all about showing your real life… Here is what this months picture process was really like: 



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