We are finally winding down from another busy and fun filled weekend around here! This weekend was special since Avery stayed with our friends and Kyle and I were able to have a few days away! Having a husband who travels can make motherhood a little exhausting at times so it’s always refreshing to get away for a few days once in a while!!

Thursday night Kyle and I flew to Dallas and had a late dinner before calling it a night. 

We caught a great sunset as we headed out.


I slept in to 9:30 and it was magical! We both just laid in bed for a while and vegged out. We havent both been able to do that in months!

Friday was kind of my day to call the shots since the rest of the weekend would revolve around football! So we had lunch at Grimaldis and did lots of shopping! I’ve been in desperate need of some new jeans since I lost my baby weight and kind of settled into my new body. Joes are my favorite brand and I love getting them at Nordstrom Rack for half price! We then headed over to the Galleria and we also spent a few hours in the Highland Park area which is my favorite area in Dallas. 

We finished off the night with a really delicious dinner at Houstons with the LD of Arkansas and his wife. We stayed out way later than I have in a long time but it was such a blast! 


Kyle’s parents were also in Dallas for the weekend so we met up with them for lunch and then spent the afternoon doing more shopping! 

I finally snagged the Kendra Scott ‘Rayne’ necklace that I’ve been wanting for months. 

I decided on white/gold since I feel like it’ll go with pretty much anything! I made sure to show Kyle the entire collection so he has plenty of ideas for birthday/Christmas, etc. I really love all of her jewelry! 

I also scored several shirts from JCrew and a few things from Nordstroms!

Around 4:30 we headed toward to the stadium for the Arkansas/Texas A&M game. Kyle’s parents scored a parking pass so we rode together and were able to park fairly close! 



Sunday we packed up and met my inlaws for breakfast before heading to the Cowboys game. My inlaws went to high school with a friend who is related to Jerry Jones and they have a private suite at the stadium. They gave us parking passes and tickets to the game. Let me say that watching the game from a suite is just an entirely different experience! I’m so thankful we were all able to experience it together. It was so fun!

We parked this close to the stadium! Parking passes are where it’s at! Shoe choices were made based on the closeness of our parking spots! 

After the game we were invited to go to the club suites area. It was beyond impressive! We got to see several players as well as the head coach! We also were able to walk out onto the field. Kyle was in heaven! I wish Landon would have been with us to experience everything. He would have been in complete awe! 

Even though the Cowboys lost we had such a fun time! It was a really cool experience.

Later that night we headed home to AR. I was so ready to see my sweet baby girl!! I woke her up to nurse her and Kyle begged me to wake her up so he could see her too so I did. We played for about an hour and then she went back to bed. When she saw me pick her up she got the biggest smile on her face and even dropped her paccy! She just snuggled up to me and it just filled my heart! 

While we were away my friend Kaitlin took some 9 month photos of Avery and they turned out so beautiful! They completely capture her at this age and they’re some of my favorite pics of Avery that we have. 



Avery loves her bumpers. She loves wrapping herself up in them and using them as a pillow/blanket/lovie. So these pictures are perfect in capturing that. I’m thankful I’ll have them to always remind me of her at this stage.


Well to say it was a great weekend would be an understatement but it’s always great to be home… Especially when your sweet baby is at home waiting on you. 

We have a few days home and then we’re headed out again for a fun few days in Florida! ☀️🌴



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