This has been the first weekend we have been home in three weekends and it felt glorious!! We had very few plans so I was so looking forward to it!


Avery and I have been missing our Friday morning Music & Movement class so we went there Friday. We were one of two people there so we pretty much had the place to ourselves! 

Avery is in this phase of recognizing other babies and getting SO excited! She literally claps and squeals when she sees another baby. It’s so sweet! There was a little boy there and when Avery saw him she crawled as fast as she could over to him and started clapping. Ah, it’s so sweet! 

Friday night Kyle had a date night with Avery and I grabbed dinner with one of my best friends which was much needed! 

We slept in late and just lounged around the house all morning which was SO nice! Kyle picked up chickfika for breakfast so any morning that starts with a large sweet tea is a great one in my book! 

We decided to eat lunch out and then brought Avery home to nap. 

My other best friend was in town for the afternoon so we went to a movie and then grabbed dinner at our favorite restaurant. It was so nice having two days with some time away with friends. Plus Kyle enjoyed the time hanging out with our sweet girl. 

Avery has always been a pretty easy going baby but now that she’s not so dependent on me for everything (like eating) Kyle enjoys taking her for little dates and giving me some breaks which is so great! 

We woke up and went to church then came home and took a nap on the couch which we haven’t done in months!! We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and playing at home. 

Look at those toothers!!    

Overall it was a great relaxing weekend and a much needed one at that! The traveling we’ve done the last few weeks has worn me out! 

Here’s to a great week! ❤️


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