Fawning for Fall

Is anyone else completely annoyed by the Arkansas weather these days? I’m O.V.E.R it! It’s so difficult to dress for weather that can’t make up it’s mind. And I’m not just dressing myself anymore, I have to make sure Avery is appropriately dressed too! 

I’m just ready to dive into sweaters, jeans and booties. I’m yearning for cozy scarves, sweatshirts, and my Uggs. 

I follow a few local boutiques on Instagram and I’ve picked out some of my favorites for Fall and I’m really having to refrain from impulse buying it all! 

From Tulips I’m loving these cute pieces:

Seriously love this vest and plaid combo! ❤️

From E.Leighs
I’m loving this orange top (paired with the brown vest below) for Thanksgiving.

I’m also obsessing over these booties from Nordstrom: 

I’ve been searching for a flat bootie for everyday wear this Fall and I have been wanting these for weeks but they’re always sold out of my size! They currently have a 5.5 in stock (I wear a 6) and I’m debating on buying them to see if I can make it work. I just love them! They’d go perfect with blue jeans and a cute long sleeve tops/sweaters and they’re super functional for running around with an almost one year old (we won’t even talk about the depression that is causing me.) I just really need them…along with everything else in this post. 

So I’ll be over her dreaming about falling leaves and boots in my size. 

Have a wonderful week! 


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