Avery and I spent most of Friday just hanging around the house. We did some grocery shopping for the weekend and we attended our music and movement class that morning.

Friday evening Avery surprised me with a new trick! She has always loved playing with her cups and balls, they are two of her favorite toys. Friday night her ball rolled away and I said, “Avery go get your ball and put it in this box.” and she did it! She then realized she could put her balls into things like the cups, shoes, boxes, inside her stacking rings, and in her toy bin. She has been doing this all weekend and I think it’s so fun! It’s so amazing to watch them growing and learning. So fun!! 

She also decided to kiss daddy through the back door which is funny because she won’t give him kissss at all typically. 

Hahaha! Those pictures crack me up! 


Saturday we attended our friend Beckham’s first birthday party! They did a Petter Rabbit theme and it was super cute! The little party favors we’re seeds and small little pots to grow them in. Adorable. It was pretty chilly that morning so I broke out some of Avery’s cute sweaters.

So cute and cozy❤️

After the birthday party (and a nap) we took Avery to the state fair! We knew there wouldn’t be much for her to do there but we wanted her to see the animals and all the fun lights at night.

She was NOT a fan of the pigs and the horses scared her but she LOVED the bunny rabbits! They were the only animals that registered a smile and she even reached out and touched one. I foresee a pet bunny in our childhood future. 


The fair must have worn her out because she slept until 9:00 Sunday morning which was a nice treat for momma! We were pretty lazy Sunday morning and lounged around the house.

We went to a few open houses Sunday afternoon but that was about it! We have a busy couple weeks coming up so it was nice to have a low key day to relax and recharge.

Sunday night we had another first:

Avery took her first bath in our tub without any baby tubs or supports! She’s just getting so big and it kind of breaks my heart to be honest! 

I hope everyone had a fun and relaxing weekend! 


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