Halloween 2015

We have had quite the fun filled week over here! On Tuesday we headed to NWA to visit my sister in law and her sweet family. Kyle had business in Texas so he flew out of NWA so that Avery and I could stay and visit. We have filled our days with lots of playing and lunch dates and some shopping of course! Avery loves her cousin Campbell and he’s so sweet to her. Each visit gets more fun since Avery is beginning to understand playing better. 

Avery has loved all the new toys to play with! 

Today we woke up and went to a local town square with the babies. They were a little too young to participate but it was fun to see all the cute costumes! 

We grabbed lunch at a local place and then let Avery grab a nap before she headed to her first Razorback game! Even though it was drizzly the temperature wasn’t too bad and Kyle wanted to take Avery to the game which meant I had a few hours to relax after a busy week! She loved the game and did great! 

After the game we got the babies dressed in their costumes and headed out for some trick or treating. 

Our little bumble bee had such a fun time! My brother in law snapped a few pictures of her in her costume earlier in the week and they turned out so cute! 

We definitely had a memorable first Halloween and I love the fun memories we made!! 
Happy Halloween! 🎃


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