Avery Claire :: Month Ten (Very Delayed!)

So I am way way way(!!!) behind on Avery’s ten month baby update but here it is!! And since Avery is turning 11 months tomorrow I’m hoping I won’t be so late with that update!! 😃


We went to the doctor on Wednesday and she weighed 17.2 pounds

I’m guessing around 29 inches

Avery takes two naps a day. One at 10:00 and one at 2:00. They typical last around 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Avery goes to bed around 7:00 and wakes up between 7:30-8:00. 


Avery eats three meals of solids a day! She eats before both naps and once before bed. She loves yogurt, puffs. Crunches, bread, and basically anything she can feed herself. She pretty much eats whatever we give her! 

I’ve been in the habit of making a large pot of stewed tomatoes and vegetables and she will eat on that for several days. We have tried eggs and cheese this month and it looks as though we don’t have allergies to either! I have also started making her pancakes and she LOVES them. She’s also a big fan of bread. (Who isn’t?)


Avery is wearing 9 month clothing for the most part. She’s a skinny little thing so some 9 month clothing items are too big around her shoulders. We are almost outgrowing size 1 shoes. 

Size 3 Pampers 




Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Musical toys 

Standing up on her feet and pulling up 




Sophia the First/Mickey 


Soft stuffed animals/blankets 


Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Being left alone 

Not seeing her momma! 

Loud voices – men  

Car seat depending on the day! 

Being woke up (I understand that one!!)

Avery has learned lots of new tricks this month and it’s so fun to witness her learning! She has learned how to place a ball into things (like a box or another toy), she can throw a ball and loves the noise it makes on the hardwood floors. I have caught her standing up for a few seconds so she is practicing balancing herself. She also learned how to walk with the baby walker toys but isn’t too confident in it yet. She has also learned how to say Dada and is getting really good at clapping at the appropriate time. 
Month Ten:

I can’t even handle the idea that Avery is almost one. It breaks my heart into tiny pieces but then at the same time brings me such joy! I kept a human alive for almost an entire year! Isn’t that what the first birthday party really is about anyways?? 😊 
Avery’s sweetness and calmness are two of my favorite things about her. She is always so observant and content and it honestly makes life so much easier….unless she’s tires then you better get the girl a place to nap! Her laugh is the best noise to me and her daddy still gets the loudest laughs from her out of anyone! I fall more in love with our sweet girl everyday and look forward to what this next month has in store for her! 


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