A Thanksgiving First

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This was Avery’s first Thanksgiving and it was such a fun one! 


We celebrated our Thanksgiving on Friday to allow my husbands sister and her family to join us. We were also joined by Avery’s great grandma and great aunt and uncle from Atlanta. It was a full house! 

Thursday morning we woke up and headed to Kyle’s parents house so we could watch the Macy’s parade in their theater room. I thought she would love seeing the balloons on the big screen. 

We started decorating for Christmas that afternoon by putting up our trees. We decided to go for an ornament free tree this year since Avery is such a busy body these days. I just wanted to avoid stressing about her grabbing an ornament or hook, etc. I decorated the tree with mesh, ribbon, and lots of fillers. I like how it turned out and will honestly probably keep this tree style for a few years!
Avery hasn’t been too tempted by the tree but the presents are a different story! 

We ate lunch on Thursday at Copelands and it was actually so delicious! That may end up being a new tradition around here. We even bought some of their sweet potatoes for Friday because they’re just so good.

Thursday evening we had chicken spaghetti, wrapped some Christmas presents and headed home to put Avery to bed.


We spent the afternoon/evening over at Kyle’s parents house and I did a little shopping before dinner. 

We had ham, turkey, dressing, casseroles, rolls, desserts for days and it was SO delicious!! I ate on leftovers all weekend. Avery was a big fan of the sweet potatoes and strawberry cake. 

After dinner the kiddos took a bath together and played in the play room until bedtime! 



I started out the day by doing some Christmas shopping and of course eating leftovers for lunch. 

We stayed at home most of the day and continued getting Christmas decorations out. We put up a second tree (our Santa tree) in our dining room since Avery rarely goes in there. 


The whole weekend was so dreary and rainy which made for perfect online shopping weather. 😊


I spent my morning cleaning the house and then headed to the outlets to do some shopping for myself before grabbing lunch at Mcalisters. There’s just nothing better than soup and a sandwich on a cold rainy day.

We also decorated a tree at Kyle’s office since he’s been collecting ornaments from schools he’s licensed for. 

Kyle’s parents came over and sat with Avery once we put her to bed so Kyle and I could have a dinner date which we haven’t done in forever! It was a great way to end the weekend.

I have been crossing items off my Christmas shopping lists with all the online sales this weekend and I plan to do a bulk of  in store shopping on Tuesday while Avery’s at MDO for the day! 

I’ve got to really get started on planning Avery’s birthday too! I’ve got the invitations being printed and the cakes ordered but I feel like I have so many little things to do before it will all be ready.

Tis the season!! 

I hope everyone took some time to count their blessings and fill their stomachs this holiday!


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