We are in full birthday/Christmas planning mode in the Luttrell household these days and I could’nt be more excited!

I have been picking up gifts over the last few months in hopes that it will cut down on some of the stress around the holidays. The actual details of the party are stressful enough without adding last minute shopping on top of it.

Here are some of the fun things we’ve gotten Avery for her birthday/Christmas that I know she’s going to love!

1. Playhut Wiggly Worm

There are tunnels at Avery’s music and movement class and she has started to really like them so I think she will love having her own! I also love that it easily collapses and stores easily which is a huge plus for Avery’s little room. 

2. Wooden Princess Magnets

I’m hoping these will keep Avery busy while I’m cooking dinner. 

3. Mypad

This has been in my closet for weeks and she has loved playing with it. This will probably be the only year that I can get away with “hiding” her presents out in the open! 

4. Hape Push and Pull Toy

5. Fisher Price Crawl Around Car

6. Tiny Me Wooden Puzzle

I ordered this puzzle months ago and it’s probably my favorite gift I’ve bought Avery. I know it’s something I will keep for her forever and I’ll always know that it was her first birthday gift from Kyle and I.

We have also gotten her several other things and books. I never want her to feel like her birthday gets overshadowed by Christmas so I’m sure I will always struggle with going a bit overboard. I think I may be as excited as she is for her to have some new toys!! I’m ready to do an overhaul of her “baby” toys that rarely get played with and put them in the attic! It will be refreshing to have new things to play with.


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