We have had quite a full weekend around here and to say I’m exhausted is an understatement! 


My moms hometown high school made it into the state football championship finals and since Kyle’s company does the merchandise at the events we invited my mom down to watch the game. She grew up in a tiny town so for them to make it to the finals was a huge deal to the people who live there! I had agreed to go pick my mom up and drive her back to LR for the weekend and about half way there she called and told me there was a leak in her kitchen so she had to wait until a maintenance man could come fix it. Since Kyle was needing to get to the office I drove all the way back home. 

About two hours later everything was fixed so Avery and I headed back out to go get my mom. We grabbed lunch in her little town before heading back to LR. By the time we made it home everyone needed a nap!! Kyle’s Grammy watched Avery so we could to the game baby free. Moms hometown won the game so she was excited that she got some championship gear to take home. 


Saturday after breakfast my mom and I headed out to do some shopping. She was needing a few outfits for the holidays and was wanting to update her style a little. 

We picked up pizza for lunch and came home to spend some time with Avery. Once Avery went down for a nap mom stayed home so Kyle and I could do some Christmas shopping for Landon. 

We also came home with a dog.


Meet Bella. She is a one year old golden retriever mix and was abandoned in the Benton/Bryant area. We have her for a two week home trial to see how she does with Avery and Winston. 

I’m not quite sure how I got swindled into this and I’m not sure how I feel about it yet but Kyle is over the moon. I was adamantly against getting another dog but Kyle kept begging for one and honestly I can tell Winston is pretty lonely. We will see how Bella fits into our family over the next week or two and then make a decision. So far she has seemed super sweet and has really attached herself to Kyle. She gets a little jealous when Winston tries to get in between her and Kyle and she has growled at Winston once or twice. Hopefully it’s just them getting to know each other and they will work it out! 

Saturday night Grammy watched Avery again so my mom, Kyle and I could all go have a nice dinner. 



We all grabbed an early lunch and afterwards I took my mom back home. It rained so heavily on the way there and back home that I was exhausted from driving! Plus being in a car for three hours is exhausting in itself.

Kyle, Avery and I grabbed dinner and picked up a few things for the pups and called it an early night. Once Avery was in bed I wrapped some presents and watched a Christmas movie!

With Avery’s birthday party coming up next weekend I have lots to do this week! I need to make sure I have all the decorations and food/drinks/servingware, etc. 

I hope everyone has a great week. Christmas is in 11 days and I’m only slightly freaking out about it! 😁😁


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