Christmas Eve: A Birthday 

I love birthdays. I think they’re so special and should be celebrated accordingly. When Avery was born on Christmas Eve I knew that it would take some extra effort to always make it feel special in the midst of a crazy holiday season. 

I woke up on Avery’s first birthday this year with strep throat. 😐 I immediately knew something was wrong because my entire body ached and my throat was killing me. I was sweating and freezing at the same time and could tell I was running a fever. So I thankfully got an appointment to see a doctor and  got some antibiotics. 

I completely rolled out of bed and ran to the doctor. I rarely every get sick and I was SO upset that I was sick on Avery’s birthday. I cried several times about it because I physically felt so terrible that all I could do was sleep. 

Kyle and Landon took Avery to lunch and did some last minute shopping so that I could get some rest. I slept until about 3:00 and woke up feeling so much better! I was still sad that I had missed the afternoon and fun things I had planned for Avery but happy that I wasn’t so sick I would miss dinner and cake!

My sister in law and her family drove down for Christmas and got to LR in time for dinner and celebrating Avery! We ordered in from Olive Garden and I had another cake made for Avery and one for the rest of us to enjoy. 

Avery was a pro with the second cake! She dove right in and ate a ton! And I don’t blame her the cake was so good! We all had some and it was delicious. 

Avery opened a few presents and then we headed home for a bath and to open our Christmas stockings! We put Avery to bed and I rocked her a little longer than normal. I hope I’m never sick on her birthday again because I hate that I missed out on her day of celebration! 

Thankfully we had the holiday weekend to celebrate too! I prefer to celebrate birthday weeks anyways! 


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