Avery Claire:: Month Twelve


Weight: 18 pounds 10 ounces

Height: 29 inches 


Avery takes two naps a day. One at 10:00 and one at 2:00. They typicaly last around 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1.5 hours. 

Avery goes to bed around 7:00 and wakes up between 7:30-8:00.


Avery eats three solid meals a day and a snack. I have cut out all nursing except for her night time nursing session. I have introduced cows milk and I blend it with half a banana and Avery thinks it’s the best thing in the world! She eats breakfast and 8ounces of milk right after she wakes up. She eats lunch after her morning nap and has a snack after her second nap. Around 5:30/6:00 she eats dinner and has another 8 ounces of “banana milk.” 

We typically have pancakes or oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast. For lunch and dinner we have a veggie, (peas or sweet potatoes are a favorite) a fruit, (manaderin oranges, strawberries, and blueberries are favorites) cheese, a meat or pasta and some bread or crackers. For a snack we usually have apple sauce or yogurt with some cheese or crackers and sometimes a smoothie made with the veggies that she won’t eat like avocados or carrots. Avery is a big fan of eating!!


9-12 month clothing but still in 6-9 month in several things as well. She is wearing size 2 shoes.

Size 3 Pampers 





Being tickled (dad can make her laugh!!) 

Musical toys

Cruising on furniture 



Sophia the First/Mickey 


Soft stuffed animals/blankets 


Being scared (loud noises)

Being hungry

Being left alone 

Not seeing her momma! 

Loud voices – men  

Car seat depending on the day! 

Being woke up (I understand that one!!)

Shots 😣

Having something taken away from her 


Avery is getting braver with her cruising and has even attempted a few steps. She has learned how to make lots of sounds with her mouth. She has said Bubba, Pops, Hi, and Bye a few times but of course never on command. She has three of her one year molars which explains all the drool over the past few weeks. Avery us getting more independent and gets angry with me if she’s wanting to do something on her own and I’m not allowing her. She loves to climb into the fridge or go through cabinets and throws quite the fit when I tell her no. She has become quite feisty!! She has gotten very good at stacking rings and putting items in and out of boxes, containers, etc. It has gotten more difficult to do shopping with my little wiggle worm. She just has too much to do to sit in a cart while momma shops! I’ve had to get creative when it comes to running errands. 

Month Twelve:

Our little lady is officially a toddler and just seems to be getting so big and independent. I feel like she is bigger everyday and my heart is growing right along with her! She is just full of spunk and has become so vocal throughout the day. She just tells me all kind of stories, I just can’t understand it all yet! This has been an amazing year in our little family and I have no idea how we did life before our sweet girl came along. She definitely keeps us on our toes and I love her little personality as it comes out more and more. I can tell she is going to be such an independent little lady. She’s not a cuddler and loves to explore and do things on her own which I kind of love about her. I can imagine life is only going to get busier and more interesting  around here! 



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