Recent Baby Must-haves!

So now that my little one is apparently a toddler…😳… I’ve notice how quickly my baby must-haves have changed. I’ve never really had to have burp clothes or changes of clothes but as Avery has gotten older I’ve needed fewer “baby” things and have instead found my bag filled with random snacks and toys. Honestly what I find myself needing for my baby bag these days is mostly related to food! I like to bring food for Avery when we go out to eat because I have found that what restaurants often have on their kid menus is just complete junk. Fried chicken and Mac n Cheese or grilled cheese and while we have these things occasionally I really want to encourage the healthier foods we have at home. Plus I’m not ready to shell out an extra 5-8 bucks for her to have food when I always have a fridge full at home. 

All of this to lead me to my number one must-have right now! 

1. Yumbox Bento (Amazon)

I’m completely in love with this thing! I was finding myself carrying 3-4 containers every time we went out to eat and I was over it. Plus I’m starting a part time job next week and Avery will be going with me so she will need a “lunchbox” for her food. This one breaks the tray into several sections and even labels them for you. I love this thing. It’s light, leakproof, and easy to clean. I use it all the time which makes me feel justified in paying the $30 for it. It is the best baby purchase I’ve made in a long time. 

2. J. Cole Diaper/wipes clutch 


We have reached the point where it’s not necessary for me to lug around a large diaper bag every time Avery and I venture out. Hallelujah! I also got a super cute new purse for Christmas and I want to be able to use it! This clutch is just big enough to hold some wipes and 3 diapers. It’s also a cute changing pad for when we’re having to use a public restroom (ew.) and it fits in my purse perfectly! 
3. Tommee Tippee Sippy Cup


Now that Avery is drinking around 16 ounces of milk a day it’s nice to have these bigger sippy cups that have a higher flow. These are cute and do the trick. A win win in my book. 

4. Target Dollar Bin Plates


I’ve always been a fan of Targets divided plastic kid plates but these are perfect and only $1! I found 3 and bought all of them! I’ve been working on feeding Avery off a plate and keeping things a little neater while eating and she’s doing so great with it! These plates pop in the dishwasher and are easy for baby hands to grab food out of. You gotta love Target!!
So these are my favorites right now and have been getting a lot of use lately! I will be interested to see how this changes in the next few months! 


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