Today was a day of firsts for me and this sweetie! 

Back in November I began talking with the program director of a local preschool about working for them part time. I had been itching to get back to working with kiddos but I didn’t want to work full time and I didn’t want to be far from my baby. I have several friends as well as parents of former students who work there and everyone had amazing things to say about the facility. After touring where Avery would be And giving lots of thought and prayer to my decision, I decided I would take the position. 

So today was our first day! I spent my day with sweet 4 year olds and Avery was just 1 minute away from me upstairs the whole time. A few different ladies made sure to keep me updated on how she was doing throughout the day which helped my momma heart. The day went by so fast but by 3:00 at dismissal I was chomping at the bit to get my sweet baby girl! Other than being out of town, today was the most consecutive hours that I had been away from Avery. I missed her! I even teared up when I saw her waiting for me at the door. 

All of the sweet ladies made sure to tell me how great she did. They said she rarely fussed and that she ate all of her food (of course.) I also love that they post pictures each day on a private Facebook page so Kyle and I can see what she was up to all day! 

She took about a 40 minute nap today so she looks so tired in all of the pictures! She went to bed at 6:00 today and was OUT! 

These last two pictures crack me up because it’s SO Avery’s personality. 

Like, “I’m tired but don’t try to cuddle me! I’ll just hold your finger and be sleepy in this chair.”

While Avery was partying it up in the baby room I was downstairs hanging with some super sweet four year olds. I am super impressed with their facility and activities! Today was a “slow” day and they had a Spanish lesson (by a fluent Spanish teacher) and a science lesson over static electricity and magnetic forces. They also had an art activity, centers, and handwriting. These four year olds were on it. I’m super excited to know Avery will get to be a part of that one day!

Today was such a great experience and I’m already looking forward to next week. It just feels good to have a set schedule and to be getting out of the house and doing something productive. I also know it will be great for Avery developmentally. Here is to new adventures! 


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