Snow Day

Avery and I woke up to a winter wonderland this morning! It is absolutely beautiful and I’m so thankful to be in a nice warm home to enjoy it with my pups and my baby!

Avery sat in bewildered silence as she sat and stared out the window for the longest time. It really was so very beautiful. 

I think the dogs were the most excited out of all of us…Bella specifically. She has jumped, hopped, rolled in and ate through the snow all afternoon. 

After Avery’s nap we wandered out into the snow! We bundled up and stomped around the back yard. The snow is SO deep! I cleared out a place on the patio and let Avery sit and play. 

She was obviously not impressed with the taste of snow! 

This is my new favorite picture of Avery and I. 

We made sure to FaceTime daddy this morning and show him all the snow! Avery has really started reacting when she sees Kyle on the phone and it’s so cute! Today she was giving him lots of kisses on the iPad FaceTime and it was the sweetest. I’m so thankful for technology! 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful snow day! ❄️


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