We have been busy bees in the Luttrell household lately and I have been slacking on keeping up with my blog! Here’s a little sneak peak as to what we’ve been up to lately! 

Avery’s favorite thing to do right now is playing with small items that she can transfer from container to container. She loves these little poufs from the Target dollar section and I have bought every package I could find. I just love their colors and see so many learning activities with them for the future. I have started showing her how to organize them by size and color. She’s too little to grasp that concept right now but when she does these will be perfect!

 We have been working hard on finishing our play area! We decided to put our dining room table into storage so we could use that area as a play space. BEST DECISION EVER! Avery loves this space and so do I! So so much. I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner! I have a few wall decoration to figure out but the space is coming together so well.  

Bath time is still a favorite. Especially when Sofia is on the tv, the space heater is on warming up the room and the tub is full of bubbles!! 

I am loving my new job. I adore the women I work with and have gotten so close to them already. They have made me feel so welcomed and at home from the first day and I look forward to going to work every T/TH. The students are so sweet and make me smile all day long. The school itself is amazing and I’m so grateful that Avery is getting to be a part of such a great facility! The ladies I work with have been there for years and most started when their little ones were Avery’s age and they just never left and I completely understand why! It’s such a fun place to work and I’m so thankful to be there! I definitely know that it was a God send and it was perfect timing!

As part of our play area Gamma and Pops got Avery a table and my friend Kaitlin got her a Pottery Barn chair! These are two of our favorite things right now and they make her space feel so comfy and kid friendly!

Long hair!! 😁



Our new favorite show is Daniel Tigers Neighborhood. Avery loves the theme song!  
Tuesday night one of the teachers at the preschool held a painting party for a bunch of ladies and this was mine! I am beyond impressed with it and I’m pretty proud of it! I plan to frame it and put it up in my house! It was such a fun night with the ladies I work with and were already planning another party!

My sweet baby turned 14 months old! This was one year ago and how that’s possible I’m not even sure!! 

She’s becoming such a big girl. And though some days are longer than others there is such joy and peace in knowing that with every fit and trial she is becoming her own person. She’s developing her own desires and self worth and there is something so beautiful about that. 


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