Avery Claire::Month 15


Weight: 21 pounds (20th percentile)

Height: 31.75 inches (75th percentile) 



Some days we take two naps and some days we take one. It depends on when the princess decides to wake up! Typically Avery wakes up around 7:30 and takes a nap between 11:30-12:30 for about two hours. She goes to bed at 7:00. 


Avery is still a strong eater. She eats three meals a day and 2-3 snacks. She drinks milk at breakfast and before bed and still prefers it to have a banana blended in it. She loves bananas and pancakes more than anything else! She likes when we give her something whole like a muffin or banana and she can take her own bites. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she gets to hold the whole piece of food. It cracks me up. 


She is a solid 12 month size right now but I’ve been buying 12-18 months for summer! 

Size 4 Pampers 



Baby Dolls


Curious George 

Sofia the First

Her bumpers 

Music and dancing 


Her bubba! 


Her car seat 

Momma leaving her 



Having her diaper changed

Getting dressed 

We have a walker! Avery took her first steps on February 17th and has gotten more confident in her walking the past few weeks. She has also started pointing and saying “that!” When she wants something. She can climb down from the couch and is a master at climbing stairs. She can blow kisses and wave hello and bye bye on command. 

Month Fifteen:

The months just seem to fly by full of new adventures and sweet moments these days. Avery is such a sweet and calm girl. She loves to play by herself and is very independent. She loves her momma, daddy, and bubba but is pretty suspicious of almost anyone else. It takes her a while to warm up to someone and she isn’t afraid to let you know it! She has gotten better with family which is nice! She absolutely loves music and dancing and I cannot wait to get her into some dance classes. I see more and more of her personality coming out which is so fun. She is not lacking in the personality and spunk department and I love that about her. I’ve said it a million times but she is just the perfect fit for our little family. She just goes with the flow and I can’t imagine life without her. 




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