Rome, Italy : Our Flight 

Last summer Kyle and I found ourselves with (basically) two free tickets to Europe that had to be booked by the end of 2015. We struggled with how we would be able to complete the trip with Avery but how often does one find themselves with two free plane tickets to Europe?! We talked with family and friends and thankfully we were able to work out a schedule for Avery that allowed us to be able to take our trip. We debated making the trip with Avery but I just could not wrap my head around making a 10 hour flight with a very mobile one year old. It gave me so much anxiety that I told Kyle id rather not go at all than take a baby on that long flight. Not to mention that I’m a terrible flyer and the thought of dealing with myself on that flight was more than enough! Thank goodness for willing family and friends who were gracious enough to help us out! 

Thursday afternoon we headed to the airport to start our journey. Sweet Avery held my hand on the way to the airport. My heart was breaking inside knowing I wouldn’t see my sweet baby girl for 10 days but I held it together! (Somehow!) 

When Kyle and I made it to Atlanta a miracle happened. I call it a miracle because it had to have been nothing short of Gods grace that this happened. Kyle just happened to check his Delta app and saw that he had been upgraded to first class. This isn’t that uncommon for him since he travels a ton and has great status with Delta. (That isn’t the miracle.) Kyle politely goes to the agent and explains that in order to stay married, he needed our seats to remain together. After several minutes of doing magical things in the computer and in part due to how overbooked our flight was; we both got upgraded to first class! 😲 I think God realized (as I’m sure He’s so concerned with my flying fears) that my anxiety of flying combined with the anxiety I was having about leaving Avery was about to do me in! He showered us with first class flying grace (as I’m sure this is how grace works and all.) 

You guys… I had a remote controller! So when I laid my bed flat and got cozy with my big comfy blanket and pillow, I didn’t have to be bothered to sit up to change my movie selection all 10 times. 

One of these drinks is for the crazy anxious flyer…and one is for Kyle. 

I didn’t even have to share my elbow space. 

I was served a four course meal and dessert while watching my Bradley Cooper movie. 😎

I didn’t even have to hide my drooling as I slept on Kyle’s shoulder. My pillow didn’t mind. 

After catching a few hours of sleep I woke up to this huge breakfast. Yummy! 

We made it to Rome only slightly tired! We did eventually take a 3 hour nap and then sleep for 12 hours but the flight seemed to fly by! I didn’t even have time to finish my book! I’m already dreading the flight home in a week. I hope Kyle doesn’t mind my drooling 😁. 


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