Rome: Day 1

“We should have bought a selfie stick.”

I think that quote sums up our Rome trip. I believe I may have uttered those words dozens of times throughout our 4 day stay. 

Selfie sticks are like Ugg boots. They’re mocked and made to seem ridiculous and unnecessary…until you own them…at which point you think to yourself: How have I been living without these!? I half heartedly made a comment to Kyle about needing to purchase a selfie stick before we left but never got around to it. When we arrived in Rome we quickly realized we were the only people who didn’t purchase one. (In fact many museums made announcements regarding whether selfie sticks were or were not allowed.)

 Oh there were ample opportunities to purchase one from a pop-up souvenir shop or a shady salesman down each alley but that would be like buying the outrageously priced umbrella when it’s pouring down rain (Which we also did) and labeling ourselves as official tourists. So instead we harkened back to the pre-selfie stick days of selfies and have a dozen photos with my chin and/or Kyle’s head half missing. Whatevs. 

So: Rome. 

I still don’t know how I feel about Rome. I liked it…I didn’t love it. I feel like I’m not allowed to say that because…well, it’s Rome. I also think my experience with Rome would be different if we had been there in a less busy season (Easter in Rome = insane) or if we had stayed a little more centrally located. The problem is that there aren’t really any hotels “centrally” located. It’s a huge city that’s a bagillion years old and I guess when the city planning commission made their zoning laws and public transportation routes they didn’t take into consideration my personal hotel location preferences. Psh. 

We landed in Rome Friday morning at 9:30am local time. We started off feeling pretty fresh and energized even coming off a 10 hour overnight flight. We headed out and found a local dog park close by where we killed some time until we could get into our hotel room. We wanted showers and fresh clothes before hitting the streets. 

We stayed at a Hilton hotel property since Kyle has status with them and could cash in points. We loved our balcony view and because they don’t turn on the air conditioning until closer to summer (😬) we often slept with the balcony door open for a cool breeze. Listen – I know I was in one of the oldest cities but this girl needs her air conditioning! The weather was so amazing though that the cool breeze at night was perfect. I also enjoyed hearing the trams and motorists. 

Our hotel had the smallest elevator I’ve ever seen!

Kyle and I grabbed lunch at a restaurant close to the colosseum. It was way overpriced but the pizza was delicious! 

  After lunch we wandered the streets and got a feel for the transportation system. We purchased a 3 day Roma Pass which allowed us free transportation (bus, metro, or tram) as well as free entry to two museums including the colosseum.

After lunch we went back to the hotel and took a 3 hour nap! We were exhausted. We knew there was a Good Friday event with the Pope at 9:30 and a nap was the only way we were making it!

Friday was Good Friday and every year as a tradition the Pope addresses the public at the Colosseum as an honor to the Christian lives who were thought to have been lost there. We were able to kind of see him which was neat. The excitement in the area was infectious! Despite how crowded the city was it was a great experience being in Rome for the holiday. 


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