Rome: Day 2

Saturday was our second day and first full day in Rome. Kyle and I decided not to set an alarm and we slept for almost 12 hours. Oops! We barely made it down for breakfast and we were out the door around 11:30. Thankfully Italians get a late start anyways and most things aren’t open until later. 

We decided to hit up the Vatican Museums because we knew they would be closed on Easter and Easter Monday. This was on my top must-do list so we wanted to make sure we saw it. We read several blogs that suggested purchasing tickets before your trip in order to skip the long lines. Yet, did we listen? Of course not. So we waited in line for three hours. Three. Three hours in line being harassed by tour guide companies promising us to skip the line if we were just willing to pay about 5 times the gerneral admission price. Lesson learned. People – for all that is good, buy your Vatican Museum tickets before your trip!! 

I will say that we had lots of time to chat with neighbors and each other and I’m thankful it wasn’t raining or 90 degrees! It was well worth the wait though. The museum and grounds are amazing. It was such a full circle moment to see so many art pieces, statues, and tapestries that I had (kinda)learned about in art history classes in college. I totally felt like an adult.😊

Pictures weren’t allowed in the Sistine Chapel (neither was talking) and I didn’t want the tall guards yelling, “No Foto!” at me so this was all I had. The Sistine Chapel alone was worth the 3 hour wait. What an incredible experience to be standing in a room that holds such artistic and religious history!

The tapestries were some of my favorite pieces but they were difficult to photograph. 

After our tour of the museum Kyle and I shared a snack in this courtyard. 
We made a couple trips to the Pantheon because experiencing it at different times of day was so interesting. Saturday was our first trip and it was kind of rushed. I hadn’t read much about it so I couldn’t  really appreciate it. We eventually went back and took the time to really soak up the art and statues. 

We did some shopping as well and found the cutest little doll shop. It took all I had not to buy the entire store for Avery. I somehow managed to leave Rome with one doll for Avery. It was hard but I managed.  

 Such sweet stuff! 😍

After some shopping we grabbed a cab to a restaurant that Kyle had read about online. They apparently have what’s considerd to be the best spaghetti in Rome. It was a complete hole in the wall and we arrived at 7:30 and were greeted by an old man who said they didn’t open for another hour and then gasped at us for not having reservations. Another couple from London walked up at the exact time and didn’t have reservations either so that made us feel a little less ignorant. A lady led us down into a bunker-esque room and sat us next to the British couple so thankfully we had someone to talk to while we drank too much champagne and waited to be served. 

We eventually were served and the food was quite delicious! It was definitely different than any “Italian” food I’ve had before but in a good way. The noodles were egg based with a creamy sauce and then coated in Parmesan and topped with pepper. 

After dinner we took the subway back towards the Spanish Steps area and grabbed some gelato. Unfortunately we weren’t able to sit on the steps and eat it while I channeled my best Audrey Hepburn via Roman Holiday. The steps were receiving some renovations so we just walked the cobbled streets instead. 

Afterwards our feet demanded some rest so we called it a night! 


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