Rome: Day 3

Kyle and I started our day at the Colesseum where the line was 54 miles long. 🙄 By this point I was SO over waiting in lines but it seemed inevitable. We received free entry with our Roma pass but the line to get trough security is what was so ridiculously long. We decided to head over to the Forum since that line was much shorter. We weren’t sure what to expect with the Forum but it ended up being one of our favorite places. It was full of information detailing what all the structures were. We could have spent the entire day there! 


The Roman Forum is where the government officials used to hold business. It was also used for festivals and served as a meeting place for surrounding communities. They did a great job of supplying information to describe what each area/building was. We really enjoyed our time there. 

When we finished there we realized there were two lines for the colosseum. The 54 mile long one was for people who had the Roma pass or had already purchased tickets but the short line was for people needing to purchase tickets. Well we decided we would just purchase tickets to skip the long line. We realized after making it through security that all the lines blended together inside and all those people waiting for hours outside could totally skip that insanely long line! The two security machines is what was taking so long!😲😲😲 We just walked over to the Roma pass entrance and got in without waiting 3 hours and for free! We felt like such novice travelers! I really felt like I needed to make a PSA announcement to the thousands of people in line outside!

All those people were waiting in line!!

Kyle informed me that the floor of the arena used to cover what you’re seeing below. Under the floor was where they kept the people until they were brought out. 

I’m thankful we didn’t wait for hours to get in because while it was interesting, we probably spent 45 minutes there and half of that was spent looking for a specific shirt I wanted in the gift shops. 

After finishing up there we caught the subway back to the Trevi Fountain area and made sure we threw in our coins! The area was beyond insane at this point as it was Easter and the town was overran with tourists.  


We snapped a few pictures there and wandered back to the Piazza Navona area where we had bought some beautiful art. Kyle especially loved this area so we wanted to spend more time there. There is a beautiful church located within the area and we happened to catch an organist playing. It was so beautiful. We sat in the church for a while listening. 

We then headed across the river to the Trastevere area to grab dinner at a more local restaurant. I had some amazing pizza and Kyle had a steak. We loved this area and wished we had spent more time there away from the more heavily visited areas. 

This was our walk along the Tiber River heading to dinner.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel for some rest! It had been a long and busy day.


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