Rome: Days 4&5

Monday in Rome ended up being one of my favorite days there. It was overcast and rainy and Rome on a rainy day is like πŸ™ŒπŸ». So beautiful. The streets were a little less crowded and I’ve always been a fan of cloudy days. Kyle had been wanting to return to Vatican City and visit the church so a rainy day was perfect for that. 

I wish I could capture the smell of these flowers. They were magical. 

Easter service was held here the day before.

Kyle and I spent almost an entire day here. There was so much to see and take in. 

Towards the end of our visit Kyle mentioned a dome that he’d like to climb up to. I thought cool, we will get a view of the church. We were offered two options. Climb 300 stairs and take an elevator for 8 euros or climb 500 stairs for 6euros. My naive self said…lets just climb all of them! 500 stairs can’t be that much! … Famous last words. 

Let me preference this by saying I have a fear of heights! We climbed some stairs and entered out onto this balcony overlooking the top of the church and I refused to leave the wall to take any pictures so Kyle snapped this one. 


Little did I know that this was just the starting point. We had about 300 more stairs to climb…on tiny steps…through tiny winding walkways…with no railings…and a hanging rope to help if someone needed a stable support. It was terrifying. I wanted so badly to turn around and go back down but the staircase wasn’t large enough. We were committed. I prayed the entire way up and I told Kyle I was immediately looking for the exit when we got up there!! 

The view was breathtaking and I’m overall glad we did it but I just handed Kyle my phone and clung to the wall. Ha! Then I began looking for the exit! I met Kyle down at the bottom while he took a few more pictures. 

   We finished up our Vatican trip with a few more pictures before heading out. 

We wandered the cobbled streets a bit more before heading to dinner.
I’d been wanting to eat in an outdoor gazebo so we finally found one and had a delicious meal! 

We ended our last night in Rome with some more gelato.

Tuesday we woke up early and caught a plane to Prague! 

We flew over the beautiful Swiss alps. 

We landed in Prague around lunchtime and started the second leg of our trip! 


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