Prague: Day 1

We arrived in Prague around lunchtime on Tuesday. Our hotel in Prague was leaps and bounds nicer than our hotel in Rome. We were upgraded to the executive floor that had just been remodeled. The beds and pillows were so much more comfortable than our previous hotel and the floor in our bathroom was continuously heated. Hallelujah. You don’t know how important something like that is until you have it.😄 They also had light switches by the headboard that controlled all the lights in the room. Kyle and I have decided that this is a must if we ever build our own home. 

Anyways, we got checked in and headed out for lunch. We decided on Joy Burger as it was close to the hotel (and we were hungry!) and we were craving some American style food! 

It was delicious! 

We spent the rest of the day getting a feel for the city and the area. We were immediately in love with this city. It literally felt like we were walking around in a Disney movie. I just know Gaston was drinking some brew in a local pub and Belle was going to come around the corner with her nose in a book at any moment! The city was beautiful in a way that I don’t really know how to describe. This is the city deemed so beautiful that even Hitler couldn’t destroy it. The cobbled streets, the red layered roofs, the picturesque views from the St. Charles bridge…. It was all so overwhelmingly beautiful. You couldn’t help but breathe it all in so deeply with hopes you don’t forget one detail.

 These egg trees were located all around the city. There were many celebrations taking place that week for Easter.





  The view from our hotel. 

 The view from the St. Charles bride. 

We grabbed dinner at a local pub that was supposed to have great local food. Kyle had buttered fried chicken and I had potato dumplings and sausage. 

 We learned quickly that you have to request a ‘non smoking’ section unless you want to leave smelling like a chimney shoot.  

After dinner we walked back to the room and caught an amazing performer playing water glasses. It was so beautiful and the most talented street performer I had ever seen! 

 We ended our day with excitement to get out and see more of the city.


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