Prague: Day 2

We woke up to an overcast and rainy day. We decided to head to Prague Castle as it was something we could mostly do inside. According to the Guinness Book of Records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. We had to wait a while in line to get tickets and thankfully the rain held out until we got our tickets! 

I will say compared to all the other tourist attractions we saw on our trip, this one was the most frustrating. Purchasing tickets was a bit confusing and the worker wasn’t super helpful. You had to purchase a ticket option based on how many things you wanted to see. You could only get into certain exhibits based on which ticket you purchase. It was kind of confusing and there wasn’t any easily understandable instructions. 

We finally purchased our tickets and decided on the “medium” ticket package which allowed us to see 4 exhibits. 

The first exhibit we saw was St. Vitus’s Cathedral. 

The stained glass windows were so beautiful but that was about the only thing that interested me. There were tons of tombs and very little information detailing what each one contained. Thankfully we had a guide book that our transport company gave us that offered some information. The church was also freezing! I was ready to get outside, in the rain…to warm up! 

The second exhibit we visited was Old Royal Place. 

It offered some beautiful views!

We quickly ran through Basilica of St. George and really wasn’t sure what the purpose of it was. Again, there was a huge lack of available information around. 

We waited 30 minutes in this line to see….something. I don’t even know what we saw. A skeleton. I know we saw that! A creepy one! Who is it supposed to be? I don’t know…because there’s no information!!

The last area we went through was called Golden Lane and it was basically these tiny cute little shops and buildings. Some had information about what the houses used to hold but a lot were overpriced tourist shops. We we’re kind of over the castle at this point and decided to just head out to find some lunch. 

Rainy day!!

We were planning to see Petrin Hill since we were in that area already but we were hungry and it was rainy so we decided to head back towards Old Town. We ended up having lunch at McDonald’s (don’t judge) and doing a little shopping on the way back to our hotel. 

I snagged this cute little romper for Avery. 

We had some warm apple cider and grabbed dinner at a local Thai restaurant and it was so good! 

We resorted to the room early and headed to bed.


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