Prague: Day 3

Kyle and I decided we needed an easy day. We were getting pretty exhausted at this point in our trip so we decided to sleep in and just take it easy. We ate a late breakfast and then headed to the Jewish Quarter. It was a beautiful day and there were lots of tourists out so we decided to skip buying tickets and just wander around. I really regret not buying tickets to the guided tours of this area. It was one of the more interesting attractions to me and I hate that I didn’t take the time to do an actual tour. 

We did get a quick picture of the oldest synagogue in Europe!

I think I was just so exhausted by this point that the thought of wading through the crowds and lines of people was too much for me! 

   I did snag this cute little hippo for Avery. 😊
After that we tried to go back to Petrin Hill which was another thing on my list but the tram was being renevated and the opening date listed in our tour guide book was wrong. There was just no way Kyle and I had the energy to climb that hill without the tram! So that was another bust. 

Kyle said these were just more reasons for us to come back to Prague soon! 

Since it was such a beautiful day we spent some more time on St. Charles Bridge and in the lesser town area. 

We decided last minute that we had pretty much seen most of Prague so since we still had an entire day left we wanted to take a day trip somewhere. We did a little research and decided to take a train to Dresden, Germany. Our hotel was close to the train station so we went and purchased our tickets and asked a few questions regarding procedures for the following day. 
Kyle and I were excited about riding the train more than anything! 


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