Prague/Dresden, Germany: Day 4

Our last day in Prague was actually spent two hours away in Dresden, Germany. Prague is a small city so we had seen most of what we had wanted to see in the first three days. Kyle and I wanted to take a day trip but neither of us are the type to join tour groups. We like exploring at our own pace and there was a huge part of me that wanted to take a train through the European countryside. 

We caught the train around 10:30 and were in Dresden by lunchtime. 

   We paid the extra 6 euros to reserve window seats. We probably could have saved that money as the train carts were pretty empty but it was nice to know we had a guaranteed seat. You also have about 5 minutes from the time the train stops to when it leaves again so it was nice to not be scurrying around looking for a seat. 
The train ride was everything I had hoped it would be. It was relaxing and mellow. The views were idealistic. 

It was a cloudy and drizzly morning rambling through the European countryside by train. 

It was perfect.

The towns were so quaint and the farms were so beautiful. 

We arrived in Dresden not quite sure what to expect. The town had been bombed in the 40s so a lot of the town has been rebuilt. Many structures were rebuilt surrounding and inconjunction with what was left of the older structures. The city was impeccably clean and felt very modern to me. 

Dresden is known for their porcelain and this wall is made with over 20,000+ porcelain tiles! It was one of the few walls in this area that survived the bombing.


I mean how beautiful is this city?   
The church was so beautiful inside!

We spent the day wandering around the city and walking to a nearby park that actually took us through this really cool farmers market that had everything from fresh fruit to underwear for sale. 

The park was huge. It reminded Kyle and I of Central Park. 

We took the tram back into the city square and found a huge mall that had a Zara Kids so of course I had to snag a bunch of goodies for Avery. I feel like a kid in a candy store when I’m in Zara Kids! I can’t resist! 

We took a few more pictures of the church in the city square then headed to the train station. We had tickets for the last train leaving Dresden that night so we wanted to make sure we were on it! 

We made it back to Prague in time for dinner and a late night stroll through town. 

Saturday morning we woke up and had breakfast then took one last stroll through town. Our flight left Prague at 2:00 and we landed in Little Rock at 11:30pm. It was the longest day of my life but it never felt so good to be home! Our trip was amazing and I’m so thankful we had the opportunity to go and make some wonderful memories. However, ten days away from my sweet girl was just too many! My mamma heart was aching for her sweet hugs and kisses. 

I’m mostly grateful that I have a life that I’m always anxious to return home to…even after the most amazing vacations. 


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