We have spent the last week or so falling back into our routines after being in Europe for 10 days. I never felt like I had ‘jet lag’ but I went to be around 8:30 and woke up around 6:30 for several days after we got home. I’m so thankful to be getting back into our normal routines and getting back on schedule at the gym and at work! Nothing makes me happier than spending my days with my sweet pea so here’s some snapshots of what we’ve been up to lately! 


We had our first experience in the chickfila play area and it made me really realize that I have an official toddler on my hands. How did we get here and where did the time go!?

We’ve developed a shoe obsession around here. 

Her baby’s stroller is apparently just her size. 😂   
Graham crackers are all the rage around here.


We’ve been working on building our Spring and Summer wardrobes. 


Balls are some of our favorite toys right now. 

Just sending a few quick emails. 😎

 We’re in love with Frozen. I’m just happy I’ve found something that will buy me about 40 solid minutes of stillness. 

Growing some curls. 

Bath time is still the most fun!


We had our 15 month appointment that I had forgotten to schedule until Tuesday! Oops!   
  Our sweet girl is wonderfully healthy and I’m just so very thankful for that! 

Shots equal treats. Avery has been wanting an Elmo for a while now and momma finally found a sweet small one. It was her treat for having those nasty shots today! 

Avery’s favorite thing to do right now is get in the dog kennel….which drives me crazy. She loves to get in there with both pups. She just points and squeals and giggles. It’s so cute I almost forgot about all the nasty dirt and hair she gets all over her clothes…almost. 

We are looking forward to a low key and restful weekend! 


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