We had such a low key lazy few days this weekend. It was pretty wonderful! I sent Avery to school Friday so I could get a few errands done that morning. We’re heading to Florida in a few weeks to celebrate Landon’s birthday and the airline we are flying requires you to have a birth certificate for babies. I’ve never gotten around to filing for Avery’s BC so I went and did that Friday morning. I expected it to take as long as most things do when dealing with healthcare and the government but to my surprise it took all of about 10 minutes! I was pleasantly surprised to have a few hours free so I grabbed lunch with Kyle and hit up a local boutique that I love but rarely have time to visit. I snagged a couple of great transition pieces for Spring. 

Avery had her 15 month checkup (almost a month late😁) and shots Friday afternoon. 

We have a picture of Avery on this scale from every checkup we’ve had. The nurses and doctors always just fawn over how cute and sweet Avery is. (I can’t blame them😌) 

I’m so very thankful to say we have a healthy toddler on our hands. She was 31.75 inches long (75th percentile) and 21 pounds (20th percentile.) Our pediatrician said Avery hasn’t been in the 20th percentile for weight since she was four months old! That doesn’t surprise me at all! She eats all the dang day long. Our Ped said that toddlers are grazers and it’s totally acceptable for them to snack all day long. (Not that there was any stopping the Avery train.) 

Poor baby has to have ear wax dug out of her ears every time we go. That girl has so much ear wax! 


Kyle and I had agreed that I would sleep in on Saturday and Kyle would sleep in on Sunday so Saturday morning Kyle got up with Avery while I slept in a few extra hours which was SO nice. I’m hoping I can convince Kyle to make this our normal weekend routine. 

We grabbed a late lunch at Big Orange and went to Hobby Lobby to send a few of our art pieces out for framing. We splurged on some beautiful art work in Europe and we are excited to start getting some framed. I am so not into design and decorating so I hope it all looks ok when we get it back! 

Avery was more interested in perusing the aisles. We wondered up and down each one while Avery carefully looked at all the pretty paints and toys. She listens so well which makes it a lot more enjoyable for this momma!   
Picking out frames had me like 😣😳…

Saturday night out sweet babysitter came over so Kyle and I could have a date night. Our babysitter is so precious and Avery just loves her and always has so much fun playing with her. She can put Avery down easily which makes our lives so much easier. 

Kyle and I grabbed dinner and then just wandered around some stores just enjoying some time out without a rambunctious toddler! 


Avery decided to sleep in until about 8:30 which was perfect since I was supposed to get up with her! 😆 

We grabbed a quick lunch at PF Changs and then just hung out at home the rest of the day. I spent the afternoon cleaning the house up and catching up on laundry for the week. 

We have a busy week ahead of us and I’m working an extra day for some safety training tomorrow so it was nice having a slow weekend! 

I hope everyone else’s weekend was just as wonderfully restful! 


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