My baby’s a toddler? 

We received our summer assignments at work today and I immediately looked to see where Avery was… I guess I just expected her to be in the baby room forever. I mean she’s always going to be my baby. I mean so what if she’s the oldest and biggest baby in there right now…she’s fragile and dainty and she needs her blanket, baby doll, and her paccy all day long in case she needs comfort. I mean she misses her momma and needs her lovies! 😩 Right?! 

Well ready or not Avery is moving up to the toddler room! I mean it really won’t be all that different. She’ll only be one room down from the nursery. I just love all those sweet ladies and they were equally as sad when they heard she was moving rooms this summer. (I mean I’m sure they were equally as sad, right? They seemed really sad.) The thought of her being on the toddler playground and taking naps on cots and eating at tables instead of highchairs…its just so much! My heart is just screaming: slow down!! 

In reality I know Avery is going to love the freedom. She will love having a room full of big kid toys and she will really love getting to be outside on a playground. She will enjoy all the new friends she will make… It will be good. I inherently know this…but my momma heart is a little (lot) sad. 

On a different note I learned that I will be working with the elementary kids which are typically K-1st grade students. Most of whom have siblings or parents who work at the school. They will be the oldest and it will be a pretty small class. I really love being a floater so it will be interesting to see how I feel being in a classroom all day. Well I say ‘all day’…I’m only working two days a week until 12:30 this summer which will be so nice! 

One perk I have of working at the preschool is that I can bring Avery any day I’m not working if I want to. I typically bring her on Fridays when I need some time for errands or have made appointments. A coworker of mine who has two children commented one day that her daughters adapted better when she started bringing them more than once or twice a week. After she told me that I realized how Avery has been so much more adaptable since I’ve been bringing her three days a week. She rarely cries anymore and actually reaches for her teachers when she sees them in the hall or office. I feel guilty when I take her for a third day because that means I’m only getting one day at home with her because my best friend still takes her on Wednesdays, which I love! However I also feel like Avery has become so much more verbal and social as she’s been going to school more often so I know it’s a good thing! This summer will be nice because the school is only open T-Th so we will be home together Monday’s and Friday’s. 

Life is just steamrolling forward at lightening speed and that realization is just so cumbersome. Our days fly by so quickly and in so many ways that makes me sad, but I also love seeing the growth and changes in my sweet girl. 

I wonder if she can bring her bumpers to school in the toddler room? 😏


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