We’ve had another lazy weekend over here and I couldn’t be happier about it! 


I started out my day by meeting some friends at a hip hop class at my gym. We had such a blast and it was an awesome workout! I’ve been doing Zumba twice a week for several months but was wanting another workout to add to my schedule. I’m thankful I have a fun group of friends to take classes with. It makes our workouts much more fun!! 

Friday afternoon was so pretty so Avery and I took a few walks and spent the rest of our day playing with stickers. Which is how most of our days go these days! 

Friday night the ladies from my work bookclub met up for dinner. We just read the fist book in the Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children trilogy. It was such a good read and unlike anything I typically would read. I’m half way through the second book right now and it’s SO good! I’m on the edge of my seat with every page. I can’t wait to see how Tim Burton turns the book into film! 

We met at a new sushi restaurant in Hillcrest and the food presentation was beautiful! 

While I was at dinner Kyle took Avery to Toys R Us and got suckered into buying this: 

Apparently she said she wanted it…but since she doesn’t talk yet I have a feeling that’s a lie. 😆


We laid around the house most of the morning just relaxing. Almost everyday through the week we are all up and out of the house by 8:30 so on the weekends we just like to get a slow start! 

We grabbed lunch at Slims (I’ve been eating the heck out of Slims the past few weeks!) 

We ran a few errands and spent the evening playing in the jump house!  

Avery has been a big daddy’s girl lately. When he leaves there is quite the meltdown and when he’s home it’s all about ‘dada!’ 

We finished off our day with some frozen yogurt! 

And of course Avery had to clean the tables! She loves to wipe things down these days! 😆


Kyle woke up feeling terrible so we spent the morning watching Frozen and pulling everything out of the cabinets in the house and slapping daddy in the face as he was in a dead sleep….and by ‘we’ I mean Avery. 

This girls face while watching Frozen just cracks me up!! I love it!!

We visited Pops and Gamma before eating dinner and heading to bed.
We have a busy week of work and travel coming up. We are headed to Tampa to celebrate Landons birthday and I’m looking forward to spending a few days in the sun! I always enjoy our trips to see Landon and I know he will love having Avery there for his birthday! 

 I hope everyone has a great week! 


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