Florida & Turning 11

Landon turned 11 on Saturday and our little family was able to join him in celebrating! Last Wednesday we loaded up and headed to Memphis. Kyle’s dad gave us some miles/tickets to use on Southwest but for some reason they didn’t have any flights out of LR. They did however have a few direct flights out of Memphis so we just made the drive over Wednesday night and left out Thursday morning. 

We got to Memphis around 6:00 and grabbed dinner at Rendezvous and then headed to the Bass Pro Shop at the Pyramid to let Avery blow off some energy. Bass Pro isn’t really mine and Kyle’s kind of store but it seriously is so cool inside. I enjoy just walking around and seeing the wildlife and enjoying the smell of roasted pecans. The inside is so serene and pretty. And it’s one store I have no temptations of buying anything. 

I can honestly say that I’m sure Bass Pro was Avery’s favorite place she has ever been. She was beside herself with joy seeing the ducks dive in and out of the ponds, watching the huge fish swim so close to her by the bridges and running across the bridges trying to catch the ducks! It is probably one of my favorite memories of her and I’ll always remember it. I can’t wait to take her back. They have cabins and rooms you can stay at inside and as cheesy as it sounds I kind of want to stay in one with Avery because I think she would just love it! 

Thursday morning we flew out and landed in Tampa around lunch time. 

I didn’t know what to expect flying with toddler Avery….but she handled it like a champ. We sat next to the sweetest guy who was so helpful and tolerant of Avery. Ha! She really did great though and mainly watched Sofia on the iPad and read the safety manual. 

We were able to hang out with Landon Thursday night and took him to dinner before calling it an early night so Avery could rest.

Friday we spent our afternoon at the beach waiting on Landon to get out of school. 

Avery is such a beach babe. She loves the sand and water! 

We gabbed Landon after Avery napped and headed to a Rays game (per landons request.) 

It was like wrangling cats to have Avery at a baseball game so we mainly just ran around and enjoyed all the kid friendly rooms the stadium had. Avery also touched a sting ray! She kept putting her hand in the water trying to touch the odd swimming things and one finally came by and let her pet it and she jerked her hand out of the water so fast! It was hilarious! 

Saturday was Landons birthday and party. By the time the party started Avery was ready for a nap and slept through the entire thing! She took an almost 3 hour nap at Landon’s grandparents house. 

I cannot say enough how sweet Landon’s mom and grandparents are to us when we visit. They have several small grandchildren and you can tell that they are their whole world! They just love having all the little ones there and whenever Avery comes they always treat us like one of their own. They make sure they have toys and food for Avery as well as a place for her to sleep/nap. They’re such a fun family and always make us feel more than welcome when we are there. I always enjoy visiting them! 

I hardly took any pictures of the party but it was soccer themed and full of energetic boys! At one point Avery was watching Frozen and all of the boys ended up inside watching too while Avery took each boy a book and sat down while they read to her.😊 They were all so sweet to her and made sure to look out for her while she was around. And of course Avery wanted her Bubba! She loves him to pieces and loved playing in his bedroom! She’s lucky to have such a sweet big brother and I have a feeling they will be pretty close. 

Sunday Landon’s family invited us to spend the afternoon at their house so Avery could play and nap before heading home. She took another great nap while we all ate lunch together and then played with Bubba before heading to the airport. 

Avery did awesome on the flight home and then slept the whole way home! 

We made it home around 10:30 Sunday night and we are all still recovering! It was a great trip and I can’t believe Landon is 11! 


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