…that’s the only way I can describe the last week. Last Thursday we officially put our home on the market. 

We listed it at 12:30pm and within 24 hours we had two great offers. Friday morning we woke up to the first offer and by 9:30am we had our second offer. The two buyers went back and forth for a few hours until one buyer dropped out. 


The buyer requested a quick closing which meant Kyle and I needed to make a move on finding a home! We definitely didn’t want to have to move twice if we could avoid it. We had seen a house the previous Wednesday that we loved so we requested to see it again. We also toured a few other homes but something about the first home just felt like…home. It isn’t perfect and it is missing a few custom things our current home has that we love but both Kyle and I felt such a strong connection to that first home we saw, so on Saturday we made an offer and it was accepted! So this past week we have been dealing with inspections and appraisals and loan officers. It has been crazy!!

While dealing with this madness Avery and I have also started back to work for summer session and Kyle has had a crazy busy week at work. He’s going to be in and out of town the next two weeks which means a lot of packing is landing on my plate. 

We are set to close July 08th and then moving over the weekend. Oh did I mention that three days after we move in we are all flying to the Dominican Reublic?? 🙈 

We have a very busy few weeks ahead of us but we are so excited to get moved into our new home! 

Meanwhile we have been enjoying the pool and splash pad at the athletic club! Since Kyle is out of town a lot the next few weeks I plan to get some sun at the pool! Avery is at school until 3:00 and I’m done at 12:15 so I plan to spend my afternoons sunbathing at the pool this summer! 

Avery LOVES the water. She would be in water all day everyday if she could be. She enjoys being in the pool and is completely fearless in it. (which makes me super anxious!) She wanted her head under the water and thought it was so funny. Maybe we have a future swimmer on our hands! 

She has also gotten SO good at feeding herself. 

Practice makes perfect! Ha! 😆

She also started this summer at school in the toddler room! She is slowly adjusting to the new teachers and a room full of loud toddlers. — Avery doesn’t do ‘loud’ very well. She has taken to her nap mat with no problem though which was a big concern of mine! 

We also got to enjoy a few play dates with Campbell this week and I got to meet my new nephew, Bennett! 

On Tuesday after school we went to Gammas so the kiddos could play. Campbell had hurt himself on something so he was crying and Avery walked over to him with her hands extended and they embraced each other and gave each other a hug. It was the sweetest moment! And considering Avery is just not super affectionate I thought it was so precious! 
This is shaping up to be a great birthday month!! 


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