So while I celebrate my birthday month and especially my birthday week; Saturday was my actual birthday. We really celebrared on Friday which started with one of my best friends bringing me lunch from one of my favorite places, Apple Spice Junction! She also brought me some sweet gifts and some sweet desserts! She brought me two bundt cakes from Nothing Bundt Cakes and let me tell you they were insanely delicious! I ate one all by myself on Saturday! Yum!  

She also surprised me with this sweet ceramic plate with Avery’s handprint on it! 

Kaitlin watches Avery every Wednesday to give me a day to run errands, relax, etc. and she had this made a few months ago when Avery turned one! 

My other best friend Lindsey who lives in Jonesboro happened to be in town for work so we had made plans for the evening. She came over after lunch and brought me a huge chocolate cake from Zoe’s Kitchen (they make the best chocolate cake!) 

Lindsey, Kyle and I grabbed dinner at Yayas and then Kyle and I grabbed a movie afterwards. 

On Saturday I slept in a little bit and the three of us spent the day being pretty lazy! We all took naps and watched movies and ate some of my favorite foods. It was perfect! 

Another fun thing that happened was that my brother and his girlfriend had their baby on my birthday!

How fun! Neal Michael-Lee is named after our dad and step dad which I thought was really sweet. He’s so cute! 

I finished the night off watching a few episodes of the new season of OITNB which is what I had been wanting to do all weekend! It was a great birthday! 

Next year for my 30th the plan is to go spend a week in NYC….or Iceland….or Europe… I haven’t decided yet.

Here’s to a great last year in my twenties! 


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