Avery Claire: 1.5 Years Old


We have our 18 month checkup in July but I’m guessing 24ish pounds. 

I’m guessing around 34 inches. 


Avery wakes up between 7:30-8:00, naps from 12-2/2:30, and then goes to bed at 7:00. 

She has gotten pickier over the last month or two but she still is a pretty solid eager. Some favorites right now are: all fruit, pancakes, yogurt, ritz crackers, dried cranberries, grilled cheese, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, Rice a Roni (chicken flavor), ice cream, muffins and whatever momma is drinking from her cup! She loves milk…especially if it’s chocolate!


Meat and vegetables! 
Avery eats a huge breakfast and then has smaller meals through the day and then carb loads before bed…. So pretty much just like me. 😆 


She is pretty true to her age in sizes. We’re moving into 18-24 months. She wears size 4 in shoes. 

We just moved to size 5 Pampers 


Baby Dolls


Curious George/Sofia the First

Minions movie & Frozen 

Her bumpers 

Music and dancing 

Blocks and balls 


Playing hide and seek in the house

Making messes 

Brushing her teeth 

Mr. Potato head 
Momma leaving her 


Being told no or being confined

When daddy leaves 

The dogs barking 


Avery is learning more and more words and phrases. I swear she says something new every day. She is really good at feeding herself and wants to use silverware for even the more difficult foods, ha! 
Month Eighteen:

We have such a smart and independent little lady on our hands! I am constantly laughing at her silly antics and being shocked by a new skill or word she can say. There is never a dull day to say the least! She loves her daddy like no other and her favorite time of day is when he gets home from work. She is slowly becoming more of a snuggler. She loves to curl up on the couch with her bumpers and baby doll and watch a movie. She has really become obsessed with the movies Minions and Frozen. She also loves Hotel Transylvania 2.  She has been struggling with her separation anxiety at school the past few weeks and it makes me so sad! She moved up to the toddler room and it has just thrown her for a loop! She is slowly adjusting and I know the teachers are so sweet so I know she is in good hands! She has learned to LOVE her nap mat. Her teachers say that she’s always happy until they make her put the nap mat up! Ha! We just fall more and more in love with our sweet girl and seeing her grow into her personality more and more is such a privilege! I honestly forget that she’s a toddler sometimes because she is just happy to do her own thing. She pretty much has the run of the house and is content to just wander and play. I will often find her just sitting in the dog kennel talking to Winston or in our closet with a book and a few toys. Sometimes I’ll walk into the living room and she has gone to get her bumpers and she’s curled up on the couch or in her chair watching whatever is on TV. I have walked into her room a few times and found her laying on her napmat ‘reading.’ I love everything about her personality and she shares so many of my traits which I kind of love! Ha! We are so thankful to have a healthy growing girl!! 


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