A half birthday…

Friday was Avery’s half birthday and we had a fun day of celebrating! 

We started out the day by sleeping in and having a big yummy breakfast! Then we headed to the movie theater to see our first movie; Finding Dory! One of our local theaters has free admission for kiddos under 3 so I thought we would try it out. I knew Avery wouldn’t make it the entire movie but I thought she would like the ‘big tv’ and snacks. We met my friend Laura and her two daughters there as well. 

We had a yummy cherry icee (which she kept trying to share with her neighbor…who we do not know) and some vanilla cupcake goldfish. She was perfectly still for about 40 minutes..until the icee sugar rush kicked in! After that she wanted to just giggle and run up and down the stairs! Ha! 

We lasted about half of the movie and then I decided to take her home so we could run around and get some wiggles out!! Going to the movies is one of my most favorite things to do so I’m hoping Avery will love the movies as well! 

After the movie I made Avery her favorite meal (right now) which is grilled cheese, yogurt and strawberries. We both took a long nap and then headed to the toy store! 

I let her wander the store and pick out some things and at the end of that she had picked out some Minion bubble bath, a baby bath tub and a Leap Frog ereader book….. So we modified the options a bit and decided on the Leap Frog picnic basket. She’s played with one before and loved it so I’m glad she picked that toy! It’s very cute and she enjoys carrying it around and putting various things in it. 

We also grabbed a McDonalds milk shake because they’re so delicious!! 

We finished off the night with some cuddles and by watching Frozen. I look forward to making these fun memories with her every year as she gets older! 


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