It has been just a tornado of life and work and moving over here this past month and I’m so ready for it to calm down…. as if that really ever happens! We are moved in to our new house and I spend what seems like every waking moment unpacking. We also went to the Dominican Republic last week for 6 days and that was a wonderful treat! I was torn over whether I would enjoy the vacation as we left two days after moving but it was kind of a forced break which was so needed after moving. 

We have one week left of summer session at school and then a week off which will be so nice. I plan to really use my time that week to get as much done as possible on finishing up the house. Our new furniture should be delivered that week and Landon will be back in Florida so hopefully I can knock some things out. 

I have a bachelorette party the first weekend in August and I am having about 10 people staying at my house so I really need to get prepped for that! I’m using it as my motivation to get it done! 

Our house is slowly feeling more like home and I am feeling the extra space. We don’t feel on top of each other and I lose my phone about 20 times a day. I never know where anybody is in the house and I find myself yelling up the stairs daily.

Overall life is going good over here and one day I’ll find time to post some pics of the new house! 


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