I am once again sitting in awe of the fact that another year has come and gone. I have always said that time moves faster when you have children or maybe you’re more aware of how quickly moments fly by. 


January started with Avery and I starting a new job! After being home with Avery for a year I was itching to get back to doing something outside of the home and interacting with adults! Kyle is gone so often for work that it has been nice having a constant in our weekly schedule. I started working at a great preschool in our town and my sweet girl gets to go with me! I have made so many new sweet friends and it’s always a blessing to add seasoned mothers to your tribe! 

January also brought some beautiful snow to play in! 

February – 

We did lots of dancing as Avery began walking and developed a huge love for music! She was specifically obsessed with the Lion Guard and I will always think of her when I hear the songs from that movie! So sweet! 

We turned our dining room into a playroom to allow Avery some more room to roam and play. 


Landon came and spent his spring break with us and then shortly after, Kyle and I headed to Europe! This was my first time to Europe and we spent 4 days in Rome, 4 days in Prague and one day in Dresden before flying home. We spent our Easter in Rome and it was such an amazing experience. Prague was beyond magical and has topped both Kyle and my list of favorite countries. We plan to take Avery to celebrate Christmas there one day as they are known for their Christmas season and festivities.


Avery turned 15 months old and daddy bought her a bouncy house! We spent lots of days at the park as the weather warmed up and at the end of the month we headed to Tampa to celebrate Landon’s 11th birthday. We flew out of Memphis and took Avery to Bass Pro Shop and it was the happiest I had ever seen Avery up to that point. She was in heaven! We enjoyed celebrating in Florida with Landon and enjoyed some fun beach time while we were there!


We celebrated Mothers’s Day and Kyle’s 34th birthday. Avery became obsessed with purses, makeup and bubbles. We also made the decision to sell our home and find a place where our family had more room to play and grow. Summer weather was making its way to Arkansas and we took Avery to the lake for the first time! 


We put our house on the market June 1st and sold it June 2nd. June was a whirlwind of a month spent doing some serious packing and home searching! Thankfully we found a home quickly in the neighborhood we loved! We spent lots of afternoons at the club playing on the splash pad and soaking up the last days in our home. We also celebrated my 29th birthday and Avery formed a strong love for McDonalds vanilla milkshakes! Yum! 


We moved into our new home and then two days later flew to the Dominican for our summer vacation. The timing could have been better but we had a great and relaxing trip as a family which was much needing by that time! Avery napped on the beach everyday and drank her weight in smoothies. Avery is a big fan of the beach. We spent the rest of the month unpacking and ordering new furniture. 


Landon headed home to get ready for Fall and Gamma and Pops finished their pool! Avery is a fish and loves swimming so she has loved having a heated pool at her disposal! Avery and I started school back ourselves and Avery moved up to the toddler room! I hosted my best friends bachelorette party and thankfully my furniture arrived in time! We finished out the month with a quick trip to my favorite city- NYC! It was a much needed trip as Kyle was about to head into a crazy busy Fall! We ended up getting stuck in Chicago for 24 hours due to crazy weather so we took the opportunity to explore the city! 

September – 

We were home for 1.5 days and then headed off to Morgantown, WV to kick off the football season with the Mountaineers! I fell in love with WV and hope to go back soon! We enjoyed a family reunion in El Dorado, a few last pool days and then headed to Atlanta where Landon met up with us to head to Auburn! Auburn played LSU and it was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever been to. The stadium erupted when auburn pulled off a last second win and we got to roll Toomers corner! It was such a great experience to be a part of! 

October – 

Kyle had a meeting with Amazon in Seattle so I tagged along for the trip. I had never been to the NW and I loved it!! I had such a good time and the scenery was breathtaking. Seattle has become one of my favorite cities and I plan to go back again soon! Kyle and I were home for a few days then headed west again to Phoenix for a Sundevils game. I always enjoy Arizona and the people there are so much fun! We took Avery to the AR state fair and were so tickled at how much she loved all the rides! She is fearless! I also got to celebrate my best friends wedding and we finished off the month with Halloween celebrations. October was a great month! 

November – 

November came with enjoying the beautiful Fall weather and decorating for Christmas! We also headed for Park City, Utah right before thanksgiving. Even though Avery came down with another ear infection on our trip it was such a fun getaway. We plan to go back again soon and will hopefully get the chance to ski! Park City was beautiful and I hope we make many more memories there! We ended the month with a great Thanksgiving with our family. 


December was full of fun Christmas and birthday celebrations! Avery turned two and thouroughly enjoyed unwrapping all her gifts! I’m pretty sure that’s what I will remember about her second birthday- how much she loved opening her presents! We celebrated with a pancakes and pajama themed party. We also had a great Christmas and it was so special to celebrate it with Landon in our new home! 

2016 was very good to us and as with every year we are so thankful to God for His many blessings in our life. We are excited to see what 2017 holds for us! 


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