Pancakes and Pajamas

Avery turned two on December 24th and to celebrate we had a pancakes and pajamas themed birthday party! 

I had a hard time this year working out a date for Avery’s party that met everyone’s schedule. I’m sure this will be a problem for years and years. Christmas time is such a busy season! I eventually decided to hold Avery’s birthday party on her actual birthday this year and it felt more special knowing we were celebrating on her actual birth date. However, it greatly increased my holiday anxiety and I’m not sure I’ll ever do it again! I just couldn’t get everything done and so many things just had to go undone. 

The party was at 10am and Avery slept until about 9:00! We had pancakes with all kinds of toppings to choose from. We had fruit, chocolate chips, whip cream and sprinkles and of course syrup! We also had yogurt and adorable pancake themed sugar cookies as a sweet treat! I opted to skip a cake since we held the party so early and made a ‘faux’ pancake cake to use for her candles. 

We were joined by our close family and friends and it was just perfect! We enjoyed pancakes and then Avery got to tear into some presents! Avery is quite the talented gift opener after receiving so many birthday gifts and then followed by Christmas gifts as well! 

Kyle and I gave Avery an art table as her large gift from us as well as lots of supplies for her table. She also received a Little People Princess Castle that she has loved playing with so much! We also got several Doc Mcstuffins and Minnie Mouse Toys! 

I expected Avery to want to play with each gift as she opened it but she totally understood the process- rip into all the gifts as fast as you can and then play with it all! She’s a pro. The aftermath was quite a disaster zone but she had such a blast! 

After the party we went to Christmas Eve service at church and then home for a much needed nap! 

After Avery’s nap we went to Kyle’s parents house to celebrate Avery and Christmas Eve with dinner and a beautiful (and delicious) birthday cake!! I have been planning this birthday cake for over 6 months and was so excited about how it came out. We have a local home baker in town who makes these amazing ‘naked’ cakes that look so beautiful! It tasted amazing as well! We will definitely be getting our cakes from her in the future! 

After dinner we headed home to open our stockings (a family tradition that my parents always did with us on Christmas Eve) followed by a reading of Twas the Night Before Christmas; which in our house is both a Christmas and a birthday book. 
When I realized I was going into labor late on December 23rd, I knew I’d give birth on Christmas Eve so I put the book into my hospital bag and had the nurses and our visitors at the hospital sign the book for a special keepsake. 

There are many things that I’m sure Avery will dislike as she grows older about having a Christmas Eve birthday but I think it’s extra special! 

I’m also pretty sure she has extra favor with Santa because when your birthday is on Christmas Eve – Santa gets birthday cake and milk instead of cookies. 


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