New Year Goals 

I’ve been meaning to post some goals for this year- mainly for my own documentation but it seems by the end of the day when I actually have time to post I either 1. have no battery life left (I’m living on 19% right now) or 2. I have no energy left. 

So we will make it quick:

1. Time for the Word. 

I’m a complete slacker when it comes to spending time reading my Bible. I have always been this way. Life is busy and hectic – is usually my excuse- and it is true that life is busy and hectic but I seem to have plenty of time to browse Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat/online shopping so in reality I do have time- I just have to make it a priority. I joined a virtual ‘Read the Bible in one year’ Bible group and get emailed every day a synopsis/conversation about the selected reading. I get my book/Bible in tomorrow and my goal is to give a half hour of Avery’s nap time and a half hour after Avery goes to bed. I also plan to start Bloom (a local women’s devotional group) back this Fall. 
2. Be more intentional.

Relationships and friendships are both hard and time consuming. They both require a lot of time and effort in order for them to grow and bloom. This year I am planning to be intentional in my actions and words. I hope to be better about calling, texting, listening, and devoting time to my relationships and friendships. I’ve got to pull away from some things that are both time (and emotionally) consuming and invest the energy somewhere it can grow. 

3. Speaking of growing….

I plan to learn more (and potentially start) a compost. I have a huge and wonderful backyard/storage area that would be a perfect place to start a compost. We discard and waste so much food/garbage that I feel like we need to decrease our footprint. I don’t plan to take up chanting or cutting out deodorant use but I think it would be environmentally wise to invest (or be intentional –this seems to be my word this year) in what I’m leaving behind. 

4. Budget Cuts 

I am going to make a very conscience effort to reduce my spending. We live within our means but I also have some major spending habits and honestly, most of what I’m buying is just stuff. I’d love to pay off some large chunks of my studen loans and I just bought a new car and would love to start paying extra on it. This will probably be my hardest goal this year!! Ha! Here’s hoping! 
Well I think that’s about it! Hopefully a year from now I can look back and be proud of what I accomplished over the year. 

Happy New Years!! 

Made it with 12% battery left. Score. 


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